Hiliex Advanced Medical Technologies is a distributor and value added re-seller of surgical and medical diagnostic display monitors, printers, recorders and medical imaging systems. We are dedicated to provide world class upgrade solution for Medical Offices, Hospitals and Institutions in the evolving digital market. Our core business is to provide a cost effective solutions that will save our clients time and money. Hiliex works with current and aged medical systems and provides upgradable solutions without the cost that is involved in replacing the entire system.

Our product range consist of new, refurbished and upgradable parts from Medical grade LCD and CRT’s, Printers, Recorders, Print Media, Digitizers, Dry Film Imagers, CR (Computed Radiography), DR (Digital Radiography), DICOM conversions , PACS software, Ultrasound Systems, Surgical Equipment and various Modalities. Here are some departments that we provide solutions for: Radiology, Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Surgery (OR), Biomedical Engineering, Nuclear Medicine, etc.. Hiliex Advanced Medical Technologies is a multi-vendor, distributor, reseller and service provider, that provides solutions from premiere manufacturers, known for their quality and reliability. The Hiliex advantage is that we can offer a multi brand solution that is tailored to your needs, not just to a single brand. Our ability to cross-reference models and offer both original and upgraded replacements is what sets us apart from other companies in the industry. Clients include but are not limited to Governmental Facilities and Hospital, Public and Private Hospitals, Medical Centers, Doctor Offices, Imaging Centers, Dental Offices, Radiologists, Software Manufacturers, Research Facilities, Universities, Re-sellers and Distributors worldwide.

Products & Services

Our highest goal is to provide our clients with exceptional quality products and services. We accomplish that by always being on the forefront of the rapidly evolving market, with both our products as well the service that we offer. Since part of our business is to provide products and services to the International market, it is extremely important to provide our clients with products that are easy to install, have minimal error rates and are easy to transport. Hiliex Advanced Medical Technologies prides itself by providing our clients with immediate response to their requirements as well as fast and efficient delivery of their ordered items. We know our clients have other options but our advantage is that we are not just a box shipper but  a well rounded company with the experience to offer our clients various options to their needs as well as the best and most cost effective landed cost. Our ultimate goal is to become a one stop shop for our clients where they can purchase with confidence in pricing, quality and service without the high cost of over staffed cooperation’s that require high mark ups.

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