We are dedicated to providing world-class upgrade solutions for medical offices, hospitals, and institutions in the rapidly evolving digital market. As a trusted distributor and value-added reseller, we specialize in delivering exceptional quality products and services that save our clients time and money. Explore a diverse range of Barco Medical Monitors.

Partnering with Barco for Precision and Efficiency

Experience precision and efficiency with Barco medical monitors, renowned for their high-quality and precise imaging capabilities. Barco offers diverse medical displays tailored to your specialty, whether in radiology, surgery, pathology, dentistry, or any other medical discipline.

  • Barco Monitors for Radiology: Elevate your radiology team’s performance with high-quality medical displays that deliver precise and detailed images.
  • Barco Surgical Displays: Experience excellence in open, minimally invasive, or robotic surgery with Barco’s 4K displays, providing super-fast images for optimal visualization.
  • Barco Mammography Monitors: Enhance your mammography practice with Barco’s pioneering medical displays, ensuring accurate and detailed imaging for early detection.
  • Barco Diagnostic Displays: Transform your digital pathology infrastructure with Barco’s advanced medical displays, which are equipped with technologies to support sharp, stable, and reliable image quality.
  • Barco Clinical Monitors: From bedside monitoring to enterprise-wide use, Barco offers versatile clinical monitors to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals.

Barco Expertise, Your Peace of Mind

With decades of experience and a deep understanding of medical professionals’ evolving needs, Barco is at the forefront of medical imaging technology. Their medical displays are packed with specialized technologies designed to enhance workflow and ensure consistent image quality.

  • QAWeb Enterprise: Simplify image quality assurance management with Barco’s fully automated and secure platform. Ensuring consistent image quality and uptime across your facility and enterprise.
  • Surgical Displays: Achieve perfect hand-eye coordination with Barco’s surgical displays, delivering fluid live video and precise color reproduction for reliable decision-making.

Why Choose Barco Medical displays

Here’s why you might choose Barco medical displays:

  • Accuracy and Reliability: Barco displays are built for intensive daily use and have features like automated calibration to ensure consistent and reliable image quality, crucial for accurate diagnoses.
  • Compliance: They guarantee adherence to medical standards like DICOM 3.14, vital for displaying medical images correctly.
  • Durability: Built to last longer than consumer displays, with extended warranties reflecting their long lifespan.

About Barco

Barco, a Belgian visualization tech company (founded in 1934), creates projection and imaging systems for entertainment (cinemas, theme parks), businesses (collaboration tools, displays), and healthcare (medical imaging). They hold a strong position in the market with numerous patents and a global workforce.

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At Hiliex Medical Imaging Technologies, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional products and services. Partnering with Barco allows us to offer cutting-edge medical monitors and imaging solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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