Different Types Of Medical Display Monitors


Medical display monitors are greatly relied upon by medical professionals and it goes without saying that they are an essential piece of technology in the healthcare sector. There are numerous benefits to using medical grade display monitors for medical applications over commercial grade display monitors and there are also various different display monitors to choose from. There really is no one-size-fits-all solution for medical imaging purposes.


Aside from simply choosing between different brands and manufacturers, depending on the intended use of the medical display monitor, experts may choose differently too. Ultimately, it is essential to have a clear idea of use as well as your requirements in order to choose the right monitor. Due to the fact that many departments within the healthcare industry have different requirements, they will need different medical display monitors. 


What is a medical display monitor?


In short, a medical display monitor is a monitor that is specifically designed to meet the demands of medical imaging. Whilst, to the untrained eye, these monitors may look similar to commercial off-the-shelf monitors, in reality, they are much more suited to being used within the healthcare sector. 


You can read more about these differences between these two types of monitors in our blog and find out exactly why medical display monitors are chosen over commercial grade display monitors. 


Where are medical display monitors frequently used?


As mentioned above, medical display monitors need to be able to meet the specific requirements of each department using them. Due to this, the monitors differ in properties and, as you may expect, depending on these properties, the prices can also differ. Below are two of the most common departments that frequently rely on medical display monitors. 



  • Surgery and operating rooms



Within these departments, medical-grade monitors are used during image-guided surgery, such as endoscopy. These particular displays are essential as they essentially allow surgeons to see inside their patients’ body. It goes without saying that these display monitors need to show live digital images clearly and instantly allowing surgeons to work efficiently and effectively.


Surgical displays can also be used to present critical patient information, such as vital signs during surgery and as expected, these displays can come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on the type of surgery different medical display monitors may be required. 



  • Radiology and diagnostics



In this department, medical display monitors play an important role and they are commonly used to aid the analysis of images. These monitors will be used to review images, such as x-rays and mammograms, and they need the highest possible screen resolution enabling them to reproduce colours, in particular the greyscale, clearly and correctly. 


These diagnostic display monitors can help radiographers detect a range of conditions and they can even sometimes be used to guide doctors or surgeons during certain procedures. Again, there is a vast range of these particular monitors on the market to choose from. 


Investing in a medical display monitor 


All in all, medical display monitors are something that is undeniably beneficial to the healthcare industry and depending on your reasons for needing a monitor, different types would be recommended by experts. If you’re interested in finding out more about medical display monitors and you’d like a professional opinion regarding which monitor would be best for your intended use, please visit the Hiliex Inc website today. 


Here at Hiliex Inc, we distribute and re-sell a vast range of medical diagnostic display monitors, along with a range of other medical systems/equipment. We specialise in providing the healthcare industry, from medical offices to hospitals, with cost-effective solutions that will save them both time and money. Our expert team works with current and aged medical systems and we provide solutions without the cost that is involved in replacing the entire system. If you would like to speak to a member of our team about medical display monitors in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today, we will gladly assist you further in this regard.