How Surgical Displays Benefit Surgeries

There are continual advancements in the healthcare sector and many of these are aided by advancements in technology. Take surgeries, for example, minimally invasive surgical techniques have been growing over the last few decades and this has been supported by the developments in surgical display monitors that now benefit from the latest knowledge in the technology industry. The same way people are upgrading their televisions to 4K HD, the medical industry is also using this improved resolution to their advantage. 

Whether a surgeon is performing an arthroscopic, otherwise known as keyhole surgery, or a robot-guided surgery, using a medical-grade surgical display has numerous benefits. Below, we are going to be looking into these further. 


What are surgical displays?

Simply put, a surgical display is a monitor that is used in an operating room. These displays can be used in many ways, from presenting critical patient information like vital signs and PACS images to assisting with image-guided surgery. For many surgeons, they are an essential piece of equipment that continues to be heavily relied upon to help improve patient outcomes.

How do surgical displays benefit surgeries?

  • Improving the quality of surgical procedures

Due to the fact that surgeons now have the assistance of incredibly high-quality imaging systems, they are able to complete procedures with the same expected outcome as open surgery. They won’t have to worry about the reduction in visibility of the surgery they’re undertaking hindering the success of the procedure. The high definition video and images provided by a surgical display will give them the view they require. 

  • Reduce patient downtime

The increased use of surgical display will, in turn, go on to benefit the patient too. It goes without saying that minimally-invasive surgery has numerous advantages when compared to open surgery and if it is available as an option, for many this will be preferable. The fact that minimally invasive surgery can potentially cut recovery time in half is usually one of the main reasons why this is such a popular choice among patients. 

  • Help surgeons handle any unexpected issues

Unfortunately, issues may arise sometimes during surgeries even when they are considered straightforward and undertaken by the most experienced surgeons. The ability to handle these situations is absolutely essential. Due to the fact that surgical displays provide critical instant videos and images to the surgeon, they will be in the best possible position to react as required and go on to treat the patient in the best way. 

  • Prevent over-running and delays

With a high-quality surgical display monitor, the surgeon will have an accurate picture of what’s happening during the surgery, meaning they can easily proceed according to plan. This should, in turn, prevent surgeries over-running which will also prevent delays to other patients waiting for the operating room. It is also likely that these modern displays will also help to prevent minimally-invasive surgeries turning into open surgeries which is undeniably beneficial in itself. 

Using a surgical display monitor

There is no denying that the visualisation provided of a patient’s anatomy on a surgical display monitor during minimally-invasive surgery really can benefit both a surgeon and a patient. The colour-correct, detail-rich images that are provided on these surgical monitors don’t just allow the surgeon to see more during procedures but the greater depth perception also allows them to make educated clinical decisions all thanks to quality medical-grade monitors being used.  

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