EIZO Corporation  today announced the release of the CuratOR EX2621, a 26-inch full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) wide screen surgical monitor with three screen support and image enhancing technology.
The EX2621 is a high-end version of the 26-inch EX2620 that was released in October 2017. While the EX2620 is able to display up to two separate inputs, the EX2621 is able to display up to three. These three inputs can be viewed separately on the same screen using PoP (picture-out-picture), or two signals can be overlaid on top of a third signal using PiP (picture-in-picture). This is ideal for simultaneously viewing surgical images with other images such as MRI, CT and vital signs. By integrating several signals onto the one screen, work efficiency can be improved.
Furthermore, unlike the EX2620 which is equipped with only one 3G-SDI (BNC) input terminal, the EX2621 is equipped with two. The EX2621 also has two 3G-SDI (BNC) output terminals, meaning that it is possible to connect the monitor to other monitors and/or video recording equipment. In addition, 3G-SDI (BNC) realizes stable transmission over long distances of 30 meters.
The EX2621 is equipped with an LED-backlit LCD panel for faithfully reproducing high definition endoscopy and surgical microscope feeds. It has a maximum brightness of 700 cd/m2 and a high contrast ratio of 1400:1. Additionally, the EX2621 is equipped with EIZO’s image enhancing technology – Smart Resolution with Sparse Coding (S.R.S.C.), which allows low-resolution images to be viewed clearly in full HD without any lag.
EIZO will continue to expand this new line of surgical monitors, with varying resolutions and sizes, to respond to the diversifying needs of the healthcare industry.


The CuratOR EX2621 will begin shipping from July 2018. Date of availability varies by country so contact the EIZO group company or distributor in your country for details.

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