When investing in new surgical and medical diagnostic display monitors, no matter what your reasons may be for needing to do so, you will have many different brands to choose from. It can be difficult to know which brand is best to turn to and it goes without saying that it is always beneficial to research into these brands to ensure that you’re investing in the best possible medical displays.  


Lots of medical professionals choose to invest in Eizo displays and this well-known brand has many different visual solutions that are all specifically designed to meet the specialised needs of clients in healthcare. Since being founded back in 1968 Eizo has developed and manufactured imaging solutions that aid people in their professional lives and in the age of precision medicine, you can always rely on Eizo medical displays. Below are a few of the most popular and commonly used displays which may be beneficial for your needs. 


Eizo RX360


If you are trying to find a diagnostic LCD monitor that was developed with radiologists in mind, the Eizo RX360 would be perfect. This display monitor benefits from new functions, including but not limited to; the hide-and-seek function, the switch-and-go function and the point-and-focus function, all of which help to alleviate the complexity of the imaging workflow. The Eizo RX360 can display both monochrome and colour images which is incredibly beneficial for the user. 


Eizo RX660


The Eizo RX660 is a six-megapixel monitor that is ideal for viewing a wide variety of different medical images, such as MRIs, ultrasounds and CTs. The new design of the monitor features the work and flow technology Eizo is known for, so not only can it provide you with precise medical image viewing but it also offers ease-of-use as well. The Eixo RX660 monitor is smaller in width and depth than other alternatives, meaning that it will take up much less space too. 


Eizo RX850


Offering the user a multi-modality monitor capable of displaying various imaging modalities all on one screen, including digital mammography, the Eizo RX850 is a great choice for any medica professional. When compared to other displays, the Eizo RX850 can provide a significant reduction in overall time spent viewing images. Ultimately, if reader efficiency is an important factor then this one screen solution is a brilliant monitor to choose. 


Eizo RX560


This dual head high-brightness colour monitor is frequently used for breast imaging due to the fact that it provides the high-definition display required. The monitor bezel is just 7.5 mm too, making it the world’s narrowest bezel on a five-megapixel monitor. Having a minimal distance of 15 mm between the screen of the two monitors is undeniably beneficial to many medical professions and it is what makes the Eizo RX560 so popular. 


Eizo MX315


The Eizo MX315 is known for being incredibly cost-effective due to the fact that you can view so many different types of medical images all at once and this monitor offers the highest resolution from the MX series of clinical review monitors too. The wide viewing angles of the Eizo MX315 31.1 inch screen allows more than one person to comfortably view the monitor at the same time with minimal colour shift as well. 


Purchasing Eizo medical displays


It is clear to see why so many medical professionals choose Eizo medical displays and you can rely on this brand when investing in new surgical and medical displays. It goes without saying that technical innovation has such a huge impact on the medical processes in hospitals and operating rooms, so knowing that Eizo works with highly qualified medical teams makes them even more appealing to professionals. You can always trust Eizo to produce reliable systems for processing critical image data.


If you would like to find out more about any of the displays mentioned above, or if you want to browse the many other solutions Eizo provides, visit the Hiliex Inc website today. As a distributor and value-added reseller of surgical and medical diagnostic display monitors, you can trust that we will have the perfect solution to your needs on our website. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today if you have any questions at all.