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Barco Coronis 3MP LED (MDCG-3221) K9602638

  • Grayscale display with 2048 x 1536 resolution
  • Barco LED technology to unveil the subtlest details
  • Intelligent Multi-Sensor Technology for incredible images
  • High-bright LED backlights ensuring more grayscales
  • Power-efficient LED backlights reducing overall operational and maintenance costs
  • Intelligent Multi-Sensor Technology system for consistent image quality
  • PPU-LED for uniform images across the entire screen
  • Continuous, worry-free DICOM-compliance under all lighting conditions
  • Web-based service for transparent calibration and QA
  • Smart, ergonomic design
Article number:
  • K9301366A




Barco Coronis 3MP LED (MDCG-3221) K9602638

Barco Coronis 3MP LED  (MDCG-3221) K9602638 the industry-leading display system for grayscale radiology imaging. It delivers optimum diagnostic precision and workflow efficiency for high-resolution PACS imaging, CT, MRI, chest radiology, angiography, etc.

50 more shades of gray

Barco Coronis 3MP LED (MDCG-3221) K9602638 high-bright LED backlights render also more Just Noticeable Differences to help you see more shades of gray. By making subtle details more noticeable more quickly, Barco Coronis 3MP LED therefore reduces windowing and leveling time so you can read your studies more efficiently.

Perfect images

Barco’s image-enhancing technologies – designed for the unique characteristics of LED backlit medical displays – also ensuring perfect image quality at all times. PPU-LED reduces panel noise and renders uniform DICOM images from center to corner. An Intelligent Multi Sensor Technology system (I-MST) combines Barco’s patented I-Guard front-of-screen sensor with backlight, ambient light and temperature sensors to optimize image quality and keep it consistent over time.

Green performance

Using energy-efficient LED backlights, Barco Coronis 3MP LED (MDCG-3221) K9602638 is as low in power consumption as it is high in brightness. Additionally, Barco’s LED backlights are mercury-free, produce less heat, and last longer. This allows Barco to guarantee a 5-year backlight warranty.

Worry-free DICOM compliance

In conclusion Barco Coronis 3MP LED (MDCG-3221) K9602638 bundled with MediCal QAWeb for automated calibration and QA, as a result ensuring continuous diagnostic quality and maximum uptime of your workstation. MediCal QAWeb allows you to continue working while automated QA checks are being executed. The system also includes a secure online web service for remote, centralized image quality management.

About Barco

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