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Barco Eonis 24" (MDRC-2224 WP) K9303004A

  • 24″ clinical display designed for infection control
  • 24″ display for reviewing clinical images
  • With front sensor for consistent images
  • With remote QA management tools
  • Fully sealed, fully cleanable
  • Front consistency sensor automatically aligns image quality
  • IPS panel ensures wide viewing angleMediCal QAWeb suite for networked quality assurance, calibration and asset management all add to the exceptional, consistent image quality of the Eonis
  • Exceptional cleanability with 70% alcohol based cleaning fluids (white version)
  • Toughened, scratch-proof front glass
  • Covered cables
  • Medical-grade certifications
  • Socket for Kensington lock make the Eonis safe for use in clinical environments
  • Flexible VESA mount for easy arm, wall or cart mounting
  • Screen positioning in both landscape and portrait orientation
  • Top connections for easy and secure connections
  • Multiple inputs (HDMI, USB, etc.) ensure the display’s flexible deployment.
Article number:
  • K9303004A




Barco Eonis 24″ (MDRC-2224 WP) K9303004A

Barco Eonis 24″ (MDRC-2224 WP) display has been built with healthcare specialists in mind. It combines consistent image quality and an attractive, versatile design with networked quality assurance. The white version of the Barco Eonis 24″ (MDRC-2224 WP) display features a front glass panel and is fully sealed, making it exceptionally cleanable, even with 70% alcohol cleaning agents.

Fully cleanable design

Barco Eonis 24″ (MDRC-2224 WP) features toughened glass and covered cables, making the display safe to use in a clinical environment. In places where infection control is a major concern, the white Eonis is the best choice. The display has a protective front glass panel and is rated IP-32 front and back, making it exceptionally cleanable to prevent contamination. The multiple mounting options and connections further add to the smart design.

Consistent image quality

Barco Eonis 24″ (MDRC-2224 WP) display has a unique front consistency sensor to automatically align the image quality every time the display is switched on. The image consistency makes collaboration between specialists easier. They can discuss images with colleagues at multiple locations, knowing that everyone is seeing identical images.

Centralized quality assurance

Barco Eonis 24″ (MDRC-2224 WP) display comes complete with Barco’s cloud-based MediCal QAWeb software, an online service for automated calibration, Quality Assurance and asset management. Praised in hospitals around the world, MediCal QAWeb allows healthcare IT and PACS administrators to centrally and remotely manage image quality across the healthcare organization, at the click of a button.

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