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Elo 1915L (E607608) 19inch LCD Medical Desktop Touchscreen Monitor

  • Stable tilt base; cables hidden from view; controls on side rather than front; lockout function for public use
  • Designed, built, serviced, and supported by Elo
  • Space-saving, economical, flexible, and reliable
  • Available with AccuTouch five-wire resistive and IntelliTouch surface wave touch technologies
  • Functions as desktop or wall-mountable; VESA mount option
  • Sealed against dust, dirt, and splashes
  • Dual Serial and USB connectivity
  • Three-year standard warranty.
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Elo 1915L 19inch LCD Medical Desktop Touchscreen Monitor

The Elo 1915L delivers cost-effective solutions for critical care and patient-centric professionals in the medical and healthcare markets. This compact touch monitor is “designed for touch” with Elo’s proven expertise and reliability built-in from the start. The versatile Elo 1915L 19” LCD touch monitor can be ordered with a choice of the leading touch technologies in medical products: IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave and AccuTouch five-wire resistive, along with serial and USB touch interfaces. The monitor is factory sealed against dust, dirt, and liquid splashes. The Elo ET1915L can be used in a wide variety of environments because it registers input from a finger, gloved hand, or soft stylus with a fast and accurate response. Simplified worldwide approvals cover the entire monitor that is designed, built, serviced, and supported by Elo, a true single-source supplier.


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