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HILIEX GEMINI Digital Orthopedic Navigation System

  • Film To Digital Viewing
  • 27″ Medical Grade LCD
  • Portable – “Room to Room”
  • Ease of Use Software
  • User-Friendly Touch Screen


HILIEX GEMINI Digital Orthopedic Navigation System

The Hiliex Gemini software application is designed to assist surgeons in verifying the proper positioning of joint replacements.

The application allows the surgeon to view pre-operative images of the joint and overlay them with post-operative images.

The post-operative image can then be adjusted and manipulated in real-time, allowing the surgeon to ensure that the replacement joint is in the correct position before completing the procedure.

This innovative tool helps to reduce the risk of complications and improve patient outcomes.

Hiliex Gemini Software Application 2


With its user-friendly touchscreen interface and advanced imaging capabilities, Gemini is the ideal solution for any surgeon performing joint replacement surgeries!




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Technical Specification:

Display & Mini-Computer

Display resolution 1920 x 1080
Active Screen Size 27”
Brightness 300 nits high bright for surgical operation
Contrast Ratio 3000:1
Computer Small form factor
Operating System Windows 11
Supported file types jpg, bmp, tiff, and gif
Image Matrix 1k x 1k to match OEC 9800/9900 images
Touch Screen Works with surgical gloves

Roll Stand

OEM Cart T2900-HL27
Total Cart Height 72”
Pole Extension 24”
Large Utility Box 5” H x 8.6 L x 2.3” D
Base Length 22”
Base Width 20”
Inside Box Nova Connect Pole, Offset Adapter & Extension, Base with Locking Casters
Inside Box Large Utility Box, Ergonomic Handle, 2 Cord Wrap T-Bars
Inside Box Hardware Pack, Assembly Instructions
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