Ikegami MLW2424C (MLW-2424C) 24" Surgical Display

  • Fully compliant with medical safety directives
  • Wider color gamut than EBU / AMPTE standard (102% NTSC)
  • New Full Flat design for Front panel
  • New IPS panel with LED  backlight (400 cd/㎡)
  • High Resolution, True color display (1.07 Billion Color gradient)
  • Jaggy-less I / P Conversion Process
  • Multiple Input and Format Capabilities


Ikegami MLW2424C (MLW-2424C) 24″ Surgical Display

The Ikegami MLW2424C (MLW-2424C) is a 3G Multi-Format 24-inch LCD Monitor for specialist applications where high quality picture and true color rendition with wide color gamut are needed. Also, the Ikegami MLW2424C (MLW-2424C)employs the touch switch control panel to improve the operability during operation.



12 bit signal process engine

12-bit signal processing based on Ikegami image processing technology allows the smooth
gradation of color.
10-bit LCD panel
Further smooth color gradation can be achieved by processing 10 bit signal from signal
input to display.
Wide color gamut
Wide color gamut can be represented with wider gamut than BT709/SMPTE standard.
Colour gamut setting is selectable for user’s favorite.
178 degrees high contrast viewing angle
LCD panel based on IPS technology is employed for 178 degrees high contrast viewing on
UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT. This characteristic prevents from intensity and color shift by
the viewing angle.
Flip function
Images can be flipped horizontally and vertically, allowing the correction of image inversion
caused by the optics.
Automatic contrast adjust function
Based on brightness on the image, monitor will be able to expand each dinamic range of
black and white automatically.

Picture and Picture, Side by Side

SDI signal input can be combine to show as P in P or Side by Side with other signal input
(DVI-D, S-Video, Component, RGB or Video).

Color temperature switching function

The color temperatures can be chosen from 6500K, 9300K and user settings to select
a color rendering to your taste.

User setting memory switching function

Colors, brightness and other image quality-related settings are user-adjustable for
eight different groups. They are readily switchable.

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