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LG 31HN713D (31HN713D-B) 31″ 12MP Color Diagnostic Display

  • 31-inch 12MP (4200×2800) IPS Display
  • 1080cd/m2, sRGB over 97% (Coverage)
  • Multi-resolution Mode (12/6MP)
  • Pathology Mode, Focus View Mode
  • Lighting (Down/ Wall), 6 Hot Keys

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LG 31HN713D (31HN713D-B) 31″ 12MP Color Diagnostic Display

With a 31-inch screen and 12MP resolution, the 31HN713D can replace the two 5MP monitor set-up common for diagnostic mammography. IPS and a wide viewing angle ensure that medical images divided into multiple windows can be viewed clearly from any angle with minimal color distortion. Also, Multi-resolution Mode allows users to change between 6MP and 12MP resolution for a more accurate view of medical images.

Internal Front Sensor for Calibration

The front-sensor allows for automatic, self-calibration without the need for additional measuring equipment. It improves the quality and consistency of medical images that are displayed by maintaining accurate values. HW calibration with a front sensor increases productivity and efficiency while reducing the need for additional operating costs or manpower.

Focus View Mode | Pathology Mode

The Focus View Mode function allows you to review specific parts of a medical image more closely. Using just your mouse and keyboard you can quickly select and focus on areas of concern while
darkening the rest of the screen. Interpretation and diagnosis are also made easier by adjusting the brightness and grayscale tones within the area of focus. Additionally, with Pathology Mode, the
31HN713D reproduces the same accurate detail and color shown directly under a microscope, enabling medical professionals to make more accurate diagnoses.

Streamlined and Efficient Workflow

6 Hot Keys

The 31HN713D’s 6 Hot Keys make changing between screen modes easier and more intuitive than operation through an OnScreen menu. The 6 Hot Keys are much faster and easier to operate while working, allowing you to change mode, screen resolution, and lighting settings all without disrupting your workflow.

Presence Sensor

The 31HN713D features a Presence Sensor that automatically turns off the display when no motion is detected. This reduces power consumption when not in use and eliminates the hassle of manually turning the display on and off. Additionally, it ensures that patient information and other sensitive data is not exposed, improving security and ensuring minimal disruptions to the workflow for optimal efficiency

Optimized Design for User Comfort

Lightweight | One-click Stand | Ergonomic Stand

The One-click Stand and ultra-lightweight body make installing the 31HN713D simple. The ergonomically designed stand allows users to freely adjust the tilt, height, and swivel, reducing chronic pain caused by long hours of work.

Lighting (Down / Wall Light) | Auto Luminance Sensor

Down and Wall Lighting Modes reduce the contrast between the monitor and ambient lighting conditions, allowing you to work comfortably without having to adjust the lighting to view paper
documents in the darkroom. Additionally, the Auto Luminance Sensor ensures screen brightness is always optimized for the ambient lighting, reducing eye strain caused by a difference in screen
and ambient light.

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