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Mitsubishi CP30W (CP-30W) Color Digital Imaging Printer

  • CP30W – Color Analog Imaging Printer
  • 423dpi – RGB analog, s-video & composite video interface
  • Multi format 16-25 second print speeds. (Equivalent to UP21MD)


Mitsubishi CP30W (CP-30W) Color Digital Imaging Printer

User-friendly front access, high performance DSP and a new head control engine achieve lifelike picture quality

The combination of a new head control engine and high performance DSP delivers crisp, sharp images. Mitsubishi CP30W lifelike printing match with digital picture quality prints. In addition, paper and ink ribbon loading operations are done directly from the front of the unit. The control panel smartly stowed into the printer when not in use. User-friendly LCD and LED status display for viewing functions and settings, easy and simple for medical operators. Absolute performance and quality for a wide range of health care needs.

With the high performance DSP and new head control engine, achieve lifelike quality images on par with digital quality

Achieve lifelike images using high precision magnification interpolation processing.

Achieve lifelike image quality on par with digital printers using the Mitsubishi’s original, new head control engine. In addition, the high performance DSP uses high precision magnification interpolation of the analog video signal to convert to a high resolution digital image. Furthermore, the Mitsubishi CP30W head control engine exercises thermal control over a wide, dynamic 16-bit range. This instant and optimal thermal control of the high resolution 423DPI thermal head means clear, smear-free (print direction bleeding) image gradation. Moreover, it reduces heat between adjacent dots thus elevating small dot reproduction to new levels. For example, white letters set against a black background reproduce brilliantly.
High-speed output 16 seconds for S-size.
Mitsubishi CP30W Printing is fast. Only 16 seconds for S-size (100 x 94mm), 25 seconds for L-size (100 x 148mm).

User-friendly operability

The control panel can be neatly stored in the main unit.
Mitsubishi CP30W buttons for use in various functions are conveniently placed above the compact control panel. The control panel is a built-in type that can be stored within the main unit when finished. Worry-free from misplaced remote.
Front panel design allows ease of operation and viewing.
Mitsubishi CP30W convenient LED status display for function viewing is setup with a 16-letter, 2-row, Liquid Crystal Display. Easily configure desired settings with the control panel while viewing the LCD. The position of the function viewer, LED status display is easy to see, even if put into a rack. So, the paper-out condition can be easily read.
Easy to find basic operation buttons located on front of printer.
MEMORY, PRINT, MONITOR buttons separated from less utilized buttons and situated in an easy to find location.

Function and performance to meet a wide variety of health care needs

A lineup of excellent weather and light resistant overcoat media.
Over coat media with a shelf-life equivalent to silver halide photographs, This media even if exposed to sunlight or florescent lamplight, doesn’t succumb to much color fading or fingerprinting. In addition, color migration is reduced in the standard media.
8 frame memory with a high capacity 32MB memory.
It comes with a high capacity 32MB memory that supports high throughput performance. It has the memory to store, in succession, images that need printing even while printing. Stores up to 8 screens.
Multi-print function broadens printer applications.
2 or 4 split-screen multi-print function.
NTSC/PAL dual signal system automatic detection.
Automatic detection allows for the elimination of troublesome switching operations. Furthermore, the main printer 1 interfaces with both NTSC and PAL systems.
Optimum functions for medical image printing.
Mitsubishi CP30W easy color adjustments and -curve refinement by user. It comes with multiple image settings designed for medical equipment such as endoscopes, ultrasound systems, etc. Moreover equipment also supports synchronous stroboscope function of Retinal cameras. Supports the RS232C and also the foot switch.
Gentle, low noise design for the medical workplace.
Utilization of a high-speed control cooling fan and improvements in heat dissipation design. Approximately 6 db lower than our previous models in motion noise reduction (during standby) due to a drastic reduction in mechanical motion noise when printing.

About Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Electric are a leading global manufacturer of photo printing solutions. All Mitsubishi Electric’s photo printing solutions are based on dye sublimation technology and provide professional photographers, retailers, security and medical markets with exceptional quality and stunning prints.
Mitsubishi Electric’s range of photo printing solutions includes self service kiosks, digital micro-labs and standalone printers, all offering excellent profit and return on investment.

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