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Mitsubishi CP31W (CP-31W) Color Analog Imaging Printer

  • 423 dpi, 16.7 million colors
  • Front-loading system for paper and ink sheet
  • Compact and ergonomically designed
  • High-speed
  • Large integrated paper tray
  • Illuminated paper exit slot


Mitsubishi CP31W (CP-31W) Color Analog Imaging Printer

Mitsubishi CP31W has taken medical imaging to a new level. Equipped with a 423 dpi thermal head, the CP31W provides optimum print quality with vivid, smear-free gradation. It is also exceptionally fast – 16 seconds for S -size and 25 seconds for L- size output. The Mitsubishi CP31W is equipped with a selection of gamma curves to handle ultrasonic diagnosis systems, endoscopes and other sophisticated medical instruments, simplifying user gamma curve fine-tuning and color adjustment. For application versatility, the Mitsubishi CP31W enables you to choose between multi-prints split into 2 or 4 frames. The printer features a “hassle free” all-front access design including automatic loading for ribbon cartridge replacement, an internal wide-mouth paper catcher, and built-in lighting to track print status which is especially useful when working in dimly lit or dark areas. Whatever your medical requirement, Mitsubishi CP31W delivers both quality and convenience.

About Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Electric are a leading global manufacturer of photo printing solutions. All Mitsubishi Electric’s photo printing solutions are based on dye sublimation technology and provide professional photographers, retailers, security and medical markets with exceptional quality and stunning prints.
Mitsubishi Electric’s range of photo printing solutions includes self service kiosks, digital micro-labs and standalone printers, all offering excellent profit and return on investment.

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