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NDS 26 Radiance G3 HB Surgical Display (90R0111)

  • Brightest 26″ Surgical Display Available
  • Exclusive Stabilized LED Backlight
  • Color Correction Technology (CCT)
  • Supports 3G-SDI and Optional Single-Fiber Inputs
  • True 16:9 HDTV Aspect Ratio


NDS 26 Radiance G3 HB Surgical Displa(90R0111)

The third-generation NDS 26 Radiance G3 HB surgical display is a high-end surgical visualization system. With the brightest luminance output of any NDS 26 surgical display, it is the first of its kind to incorporate backlight stabilization, as well as Color Correction Technology (CCT) to conform to the BT.709 standard. This combination delivers a level of optical consistency far beyond what has been previously available. The NDS 26 Radiance G3 HB Surgical Display supports 3G-SDI and optional single-fiber input, making it suitable for the most advanced digital OR installations.
The NDS 26 Radiance G3 leads the industry as an evolutionary display technology, further advancing the widely adopted global reputation of the Radiance G2 series. NDS 26 Radiance G3 features an advanced third-generation display with high-output LED backlight technology that makes it the brightest 26” medicalgrade display currently available. Ideally suited for use with today’s state-of-the-art endoscopy camera systems, the NDS 26 Radiance G3 displays video with near-zero latency performance and exceptional color accuracy. The extremely high luminance level of the 26 Radiance G3 can enhance endoscopic visualization by enabling deep abdominal illumination, overcoming glare and reflection in high ambient light environments. To assure NDS 26 Radiance G3 maintains consistent image quality and accurate color reproduction for years to come, NDS’ patented Color Correction Technology is applied to each display during final assembly. The result is world-class endoscopic video image performance.

  • 90R0117 – NDS 26” Radiance® G3 HB Sugical Display with Fiber

This NDS Radiance G3 Surgical display is the most current 26 inch display available from NDSsi. Its image quality and slim design is on par with today’s technologies. The NDS 26 Radiance G3 surgical display is also backed with a 3 year warranty to give you a piece of mind in terms of quality and functionality of the product. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and so we can offer you the best solution to your needs.

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