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Panasonic EJMLA37UW (EJ-MLA37UW) 37" Full HD Medical Monitor

  • 37″ class IPS-Pro Panel (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • High definition display – 1920 x 1080
  • Designed and certified for medical operating room environment
  • User selectable picture-in-picture or picture-out-of-picture
  • Side-by-side display of 2 HD images; independent adjustment of each
  • Three simultaneous screen display possible, such as surgical image, vital signs, etc
  • Multiple HD inputs are standard, no need to purchase optional input board(s)
  • Three year manufacturer’s warranty


Panasonic EJMLA37UW (EJ-MLA37UW) 37″ Full HD Medical Monitor

In-Plane-Switching Technology (IPS-Pro)
The new Panasonic EJMLA37UW medical displays implement the latest evolution of In-Plane-Switching technology, IPS-Pro, which provides excellent color images with a very high contrast ratio from almost all viewing angles.
Consistent Performance
Medical imaging applications require highly consistent performance and accurate image reproduction. Panasonic EJMLA37UW IPS-Pro substantially improves viewing angle, brightness, contrast, black levels and switching speed, producing the best solution on the market for multi-modality medical imaging.
Accurate Image Reproduction
When viewed from a wide angle, a monitor with non IPS-Pro display will exhibit a poor contrast and inaccurate colorimetry. In a non-medical environment, this performance limitation is not critical, but in medical imaging systems, color accuracy is vital and aids medical professionals during surgery. Panasonic EJMLA37UW IPS-Pro TFT technology defeats the restrictions of conventional LCD display technology in terms of wide viewing angle, contrast ratio, brightness, and color accuracy.

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