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Philips HD9 Ultrasound

  • Outstanding clinical performance to support confident diagnoses
  • Extremely versatile with easy-to-use 3D/4D capability
  • Designed for optimal workflow and reliability in today’s busy practices
  • Access to Philips award-winning customer service and Remote Services Network
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Focusing on women’s health
Philips HD9 ultrasound system provides the outstanding image quality required in OB/GYN practices, as well as the versatility to meet the needs of all women’s health applications.
Clinical performance supports confident diagnosis
The 3D and 4D capabilities of the HD9 are easy to learn, making it an ideal system for those just beginning 3D and 4D imaging, as well as those who appreciate this combination of simplicity and sophistication. The HD9 also delivers tools that help you take advantage of the full value of volume data to guide patient care:

  • Live iSlice, which creates slices of a volume rendering to zero in on the region of interest
  • Breast elastography, which offers a way to characterize tissue by differentiating areas of relative stiffness, increasing the information available for diagnostic decisions
  • Trimester-optimized Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation (STIC), which aids in evaluating fetal heart anatomy and function
  • Tissue Specific Imaging (TSI) optimizes the system for the specific transducer and exam type, resulting in excellent image quality with little need for time-wasting adjustments.

Also contributing to the HD9’s clinical excellence are the system’s digital broadband beamformer, which uses the full range of ultrasound frequencies to better differentiate tissue, and for 2D imaging.
To help keep you on schedule even on your busiest days, the HD9 offers:

  • iSCAN image optimization, a quick, one-button function that automatically adjusts multiple parameters in 2D and Doppler exams
  • Quad View, a tool that allows you to review four structures, in multiple modes, simultaneously on a single screen
  • Quick Keys for fetal biometry, which facilitates workflow during patient exams
  • Menu optimization, so that the items you use most often are never more than one layer deep
  • A full suite of DICOM capabilities to facilitate patient workflow and information exchange
  • High Q automatic Doppler analysis
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