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Samsung H60 Ultrasound

The H60 implements superior performance with new design principles of simplicity and lightness. Its 10.1″ touchscreen improves usability while its 21.5″ LED monitor enhances clinical images.

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 Samsung H60 Ultrasound

Hybrid Beamforming Engine

Samsung’s innovative hybrid beamformer technology is comprised of both advanced hardware and software allowing for intricate digital programming, which better defines the shape of the ultrasound pulse. This provides more precise transmission and reception of the ultrasound signal resulting in exceptional image clarity.

S-Vue™ Transducer

The H60 incorporates our next generation single crystal transducer technology. With an advanced crystal design, S-Vue™ transducers provide efficient piezoelectric properties, resulting in wide bandwidths for exceptional penetration and high resolution on even the most challenging of patients.


ClearVision™ is an advanced multi-filtering technology designed to help decrease speckle, enhance border detection and display exceptional contrast resolution. It provides excellent image clarity, allowing for a confident assessment of fetal anatomy.


S-Flow™ is a highly sensitive Doppler technology utilizing both phase (directional) and amplitude data to help ensure confident vascular documentation on even the smallest peripheral vessels.


Designed to maximize efficiency, QuickScan™ technology provides intuitive optimization of grayscale and Doppler parameters. One touch of the QuickScan™ button maximizes efficiency and workflow by adjusting functions including color gain and color box location.


ElastoScan™ technology facilitates an effective method for assessment and documentation of tissue stiffness. ElastoScan may prove an effective adjunct to conventional grayscale imaging, often providing more defined visualization of tumor images.

18.5″ LED Monitor

The H60 features an 18.5” HD LED display, delivering excellent contrast resolution, image clarity and vibrant color in any lighting condition.

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