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Sony UPC21S (UPC-21S) A6 Color Print Pack


  • S-Size Color Paper
  • Print Size 100 x 90 mm
  • 240 prints of paper and ribbon (80 sheets x 3 ribbon packs)
  • Used for the Sony UP25MD, UPD25MD, UPD23MD, UP21MD, UP20 Color Video Printer
  • Master Carton includes 6 packs (Priced per pack)

Contact us directly for Volume Order Pricing and Shipping Rates. We offer special pricing and discounts on custom requirements and requests from Healthcare & Health System, Government, Purchasing Group facilities and OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers).



Sony UPC21S (UPC-21S) A6 Color Print Pack

The Sony UPC21S (UPC-21S) small size color thermal print paper is used for the Sony UP25MD, UPD25MD, UPD23MD, UP21MD, UP20 printer. The quality of your printed images, now and over time, can be crucial. That quality is clearly determined by your printer. But not just your printer. Your choice of print media is equally vital in achieving the durable, long-term quality you need. Each pack of media is packaged with 3 individual packs of 80 sheets each and 3 ribbons. The Sony UPC21S (UPC-21S) is available for purchase per pack or per case (6 pack) option. Order per pack option via our online store or contact one of our sales representatives for volume orders.

 Sony Medical Print Paper

Additional information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

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