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Sony UPT-736BL (UPT736BL) 8×10 Blue Thermal Transparency Film

  • Blue Thermal Transparency Film
  • 100 sheets per pack
  • 5 Packs per case (Priced per Single Pack)
  • Print Size 8 x 10 inches
  • For use with the UPD-72XR and UP-D74XRD


Sony UPT-736BL (UPT736BL) 8×10 Blue Thermal Transparency Film

The advantages of Sony Print Media

The quality of your printed images, now and over time, can be crucial. That quality is clearly determined by your printer. But not just your printer. Your choice of print media is equally vital in achieving the durable, long-term quality you need. Sony UPT-736BL definitely sets its self apart from the competition.

Choosing the right print media can also ensure trouble-free printing you can rely on under pressure. This is why you should choose the Sony UPT-736BL .

High water resistance

Our high glossy layer prevents smudging from water and fingerprints, and increases storage stability.

Minimal curling

Enabling hassle-free filling, our print media minimizes curling to ensure reliable, smooth throughput.

Head-matching performance

Designed to optimally match our printer heads, the top coat layer of Sony print media ensure continuously consistent printing.

Superior print quality

Our rigorous application of pressure control ensures that the thermal coat layer delivers high-quality coloring properties. The Y curve and D-max are strictly adjusted to ensure the stable provision of consistent, optimal image quality.

High humidity and heat resistance

High humidity can cause a significant loss of print density. Such degradation is much less marked with Sony print media, which is designed to maintain picture durability.

Advance tearing properties

The base material of Sony print media uses a dedicated substrate that matches the thermal specifications of our printers, and applies special process to improve coating properties. This prevents cutting in the machine direction, whilst ensuring excellent cutting properties in the cross-direction.

Anti-electrostatic layer

The electrostatic energy that builds up during printing can cause sparkling, which destroys vital printer components, particularly in the thermal head. Our built-in anti-static layer acts effectively against this build-up.
The clear choice is Sony UPT-736BL

Additional information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in

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