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SRI UC-5000 Medical X-Ray System

  • Minimal space requirement
    (as little as 8’ x 10’)
  • No special power requirements
    (standard 115V)
  •  Significant savings in both initial cost
    and service expense
  •  MInimal/no site preparation expense
    Additional Advantages
  •  Fully touchscreen, direct digital
    and wireless
  •  Full turnkey – “Plug and Play” X-Ray solution
    specifically designed for the Urgent Care arena
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Turn your radiology room into a profit center with the New UC-5000.

What do we mean by that? Well, the UC-5000 is so flexible, powerful and compact that it doesn’t even need a dedicated exam room to operate. Minimal lead lining of the room required and a standard 115v outlet gets you powered up.

Imagine what an extra exam room will mean for your practice:

Decreased patient wait times

The flexibility of “no dedicated X-ray room” means more available exam rooms. You’ll be able to accommodate the after-school or late day rush with no problem.

Flexible patient flow

The UC-5000 lets you turn any exam room into an X-ray room so moving patients where you need them is just easier.

Increased patient satisfaction

Less wait times, less moving from room to room means, well, happier patients. They receive the care they need, you keep your practice moving and profitable.

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