Medical 4K LCD monitor                           Medical 4K recorder “HVO-4000MT”    (Development announcement)
left: 31-inch “LMD-X310MD”,                                                                                                    image of IP Converter
Right: 55-inch “LMD-X550MD”

The Sony content management system is a new medical imaging device that supports high-definition video recording, transmission and playback in 4K resolution, 4K LCD monitor to check the image in the surgery site, 4K recorder for recording the video and to manage data across the network.
While medical technologies evolve, and to achieve high-precision surgery in high-definition video, Sony has been aiming to further improve their medical imaging technologies that has been increasingly requested from medical professionals. High-definition 4K video equipment over conventional high-definition video, has also began to be increasingly applied to medical applications.
Sony, through the new products will propose a system to support the smooth operation process at a high-definition image of 4K in total.
To build a 4K video transmission system with a simple wiring of IP cable that allows the sharing of the hospital in real time, Sony is in the development of IP converter. The IP converters 4K-connectivity for medical equipment and medical peripheral devices, for HD-SDI video cable to connect each device is increased up to four times compared to conventional HD equipment. The IP converter under development is designed to provide high-definition video transmission system with simple wiring. By utilizing the IP technology, you’re allowing streamlining your system construction in the operating room of peripherals, and allowing you to share from the operating room in real time to the hospital.
Model number Release date price
Medical 4K LCD monitor
(55-inch 4K LCD monitor) “LMD-X550MD”
(31-inch 4K LCD monitor) “LMD-X310MD”
December 14, 2015 Available on request
Medical 4K recorder “HVO-4000MT” February 1, 2016 TBA
Content management system “CMDS-MS20MD” January 21, 2016 ※ It depends on the corresponding server to install configuration.


1: In order to perform the IP transmission of 4K video in real time, you require the IP converter. Combining the medical 4K monitor and IP converter, enables solutions using IP.
2: Software “CMDS-MS20MD”, with pre-installed on the corresponding server, we offer to our customers.
Medical 4K monitor “LMD-X550MD”, at surgical site using an endoscope or surgical microscope, is the monitor for doctors and assistant to confirm the surgery video. To clear the high-definition image of 4K to detail, it can be displayed larger on the monitor, and support the delicate operation at the time of surgery.
The Medical 4K recorder “HVO-4000MT” provides a vivid image of the surgical field camera for photographing the surgical site. It also allows you to upload your recording via the network and enables you to share the recorded procedures.
The Content management system “CMDS-MS20MD” that corresponds to the 4K video recording, is a system that allows video data management and retrieval over the network .

The main features of new products

“LMD-X310MD” from the left, “LMD-X550MD”

Medical 4K LCD monitor “LMD-X550MD” “LMD-X310MD”

  • Sony’s unique “Optimistic contrast panel” structure has adopted an air layer between the LCD screen and the screen protection panel that is filled with Sony’s unique “Optimistic contrast panel” structure. The diffusion and reflection of light striking the screen by eliminating the air layer is reduced and prevents reduction in image distortion and contrast feeling by diffused reflection of light, to reproduce clear and high visibility images.
  •  With the Sony proprietary technology AIME (Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer) installed, it is also possible to adjust the image of the contours and colors, such as from endoscopes and surgical microscope.
  • The two models of 55 inches and 31 inches are able to display high-definition video on the monitor , supporting the delicate operation at the time of surgery.

  • “HVO-4000MT”

Medical 4K recorder “HVO-4000MT”

The HVO-4000MT is a 4K recorder dedicated to 4K medical imaging applications.
You can transfer recordings to the content management system for reproduction and external media of 4K video.

  • Designed for long-term recordings in 4K resolution and a built-in HDD of large 4TB capacity, it is a long period of time can be recorded of 4K video.
    It is suitable for recording tend surgery video is a long period of time.
  • The capability to upload the recorded 4K video files over the network to the content management system is possible.
  • It is possible to transfer data for Windows file sharing.
  • Simultaneous storing on external media in addition to the built-in HDD, video export to Blu-ray disc in the built-in Blu-ray drive, USB memory, video export to USB HDD is also possible.


Content management system “CMDS-MS20MD”

The Content management system “CMDS-MS20MD” that corresponds to the 4K video recording, is a system that allows video data management and retrieval over the network .

  • The 4K video centralized management is able to collect 4K video from multiple 4K recorder, you can centrally manage. You can use it to contact, organize and save such as video of multiple operating room. In addition, at the time the video is saved it has the capability for inputting patient information.
  • Search and editing of 4K video is possible with simple operations screen of the 4K video collection.  The retrieved image file can be edited accordingly to the required information. The recorded files can also be edited through external computers without having to be physically present at the content management system.
  • Over the network, view and operation is possible from the external data that is collected and managed in the content management system server, network connection to the PC or iPad. You can watch by accessing the information from any secure external device.


  • Simple operation screen, was confirmed by the video-image of the surgery, and allows for the editing
4: iPad video viewing using is possible by installing a free application MedicalCMSViewer from the Appstore.
  • Image of IP Converter

[Development announcement] IP Converter

IP converter, in connection with medical 4K video equipment makes complicated cabling simple and enables IP-based video transmission system from input to output.
HD from analog video, it corresponds to the conversion and output to the IP of a variety of video signals up to 4K video.