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Carestream Vita Flex CR System

  • Smaller size and weight
  • Multiple throughputs (30/45/60 PPH)
  • Ability to be positioned for horizontal or vertical feeds
  • Supports a number of cassette sizes
  • Uses Image Suite Software – easy-to-use platform
    specially designed for the end user
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CARESTREAM Vita Flex CR Systems are designed for small-to-midsize hospitals, clinics and practices that need compact digital solutions at an affordable price. With two options for throughput speed, Vita computed radiography systems offer in-house, high-quality digital imaging to fit your workflow. The flexible orientation makes it perfect for small spaces in offices or in mobile settings.

Big Performance for Smaller Facilities.
If you’re like many small practices or clinics, you know the tremendous value that in-house digital imaging can deliver.
But the high cost of entry for digital may be holding you back – not to mention the limited floor space you have for installation of such a system.

Meet the CARESTREAM Vita Flex CR System – designed specifically for facilities like yours. It delivers high-quality digital images to speed workflow and improve patient care, and offers a range of throughput rates to match your workflow needs. Compact design makes it a great fit for smaller spaces. And its affordable price tag makes it possible on nearly any budget.

Advantages at a Glance
• Eliminates the need for ongoing purchases of film and the
use of harsh chemicals.
• Going digital saves hours compared to time-consuming
film-based radiography.
• Unique space-saving design allows unit to be set up
vertically or horizontally.
• Compact, lightweight and affordable – ideal for smaller facilities.

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