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FSN FS-Y1901D (FSY1901D) 19” High-Bright LED Surgical Display

  • Specifically designed for displaying surgical images
  • Compact size
  • Back cover plate helps cleanly manage cables and wires
  • Exceptional image quality
  • Multi-modality image display for medical applications
  • Designed and manufactured for use in the medical OR
  • Longer life, cool temperature LED backlight


FSN FS-Y1901D (FSY1901D) 19” High-Bright LED Surgical Display

FSN FS-Y1901D (FSY1901D) is a cost-effective solution that delivers all of the features required for digital HD visualization in the surgical environment. It is part of the FSN family of advanced visual integration components for surgery, designed to give medical professionals the clearest images, and complete control of video signals in the OR. User preset modes allow customized profiles (color settings, screen layouts) to be stored and recalled later.
FSN FS-Y1901D (FSY1901D) 19” HD medical display monitors from FSN offer a rich set of features coupled with exeptional value. The size of these units promotes maneuverability and versatility, ideal for limited spaces. Match these display monitors with other FSN integration components for superior visualization technology.

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