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iCRco AirDR Wireless Flat Panel Detector

The iCRco AirDR System has been specially designed and optimized to advance the imaging equipment you’re using right now. Utilizing it’s unique form-factor and embedded Automatic Exposure Detection (AED), the AirDR System is compatible with any X-ray system designed to work with ISO 4090 – compliant, 35 x 43 cm cassettes. Innovative Direct Radiography Panel Amorphous Silicon active TFT/diode array, Carbon-fiber construction. Scintillator Direct Deposit: Cesium Iodide Pixel Matrix 3556 × 4320 Pixel Pitch 100 μm Image Data 16 bit Image Transfer Time Wired: 500 ms; Wireless: 3000 ms Active Area True 35.5 cm × 43.2 cm External Dimensions ISO 4090 cassette size 14” × 17″ (38.4 cm (w) × 46 cm (l) × 1.5 cm (h)) Weight 8.4 lbs (3.8 kg) Status Display LED display (Wifi/Battery/Sensor) Wireless Data I/F 802.11n WiFi standard Wired Data I/F GigE via optional power & communication tether X-ray I/F Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) Limiting Resolution 5 lp/mm Typical MTF 70% (1 lp/mm), 40% (2 lp/mm), 15% (4 lp/mm) for RQA5 Typical DQE 75% (0 lp/mm), 60% (1 lp/mm), 40% (3 lp/mm) for RQA5 Environment 10 – 35 °C operating, 30 – 70 % RH operating (non-condensing) Battery Rechargeable battery, 53.3 Wh Battery Charger External two bay charger 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz Interface and Power Unit Optional AirDR IPU with external power supply 100-240 V AC, GigE, and X-ray I/F Standards IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-2, IEC 60601-1-6, FCC 47CFR PT 15, FCC OET 65C, ETSI EN 301 893, EN 62311, ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-10, CE Binned Mode (option) Up to 8 fps for 2 x 2 binned, 200 μm pitch for a pixel matrix of 1778 x 2160″ Image Calibration (option) On-board offset, gain and defective pixel corrections Fast Preview (option) 4 x 4 binned quick preview image WAP Mode (option) Wireless Access Point functionality.

  • No need to modify your generator, or bucky
  • No need to replace your grids
  • No need to discard your wall stand, or table.
  • Water and Dust Resistant IP-65 Rating
  • Carbon Fiber Construction Durability
  • Same Day Installation
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iCRco AirDR

The iCRco AirDR  is the innovative low-dose DR from iCRco. The durable, cassette-size AirDR is loaded with fail-safe features and backed by powerful image acquisition software. The AirDR is equipped with new fail-safe protection features like the fastest AED on the market and single-sensor technology.

Constructed out of solid and sturdy carbon fiber, the iCRco AirDR has achieved a high Water and Dust rating of IP65. Meaning the panel is protected from outside dust particles, and if accidentally wet, an engineering implementation will protect the panel and prevent the circuits from shorting out. High DQE ensures exceptional image quality every time, while patients experience the lowest possible dose. Cesium crystals are grown directly on the TFT to eliminate the adhesion layer and deliver maximum efficiency and image quality. The flat-panel detector’s WiFi connection allows practitioners the freedom to capture difficult or unusual x-ray projections with ease. Use only the best with the iCRco AirDR.

About iCRco

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