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Sony MCC-500MD (MCC500MD) Medical Grade 2D Camera

  • 1/2.9-type Exmor Full HD Image Sensor
  • Compact and Lightweight Camera Head Unit
  • Wide Variety of Video Formats – from SD to Full HD (1080/60p)
  • Camera Synchronization for 3D Shooting
  • Flexible Choice of Camera Cable Length
  • Compliance with Medical Safety Standards
  • RS-232C Interface
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Sony MCC-500MD (MCC500MD) Medical Grade 2D Camera

The Sony MCC-500MD medical video camera is the latest edition to Sony’s comprehensive line-up. This affordably priced camera features the latest generation image sensor technology for better low light sensitivity than traditional 1/3 sized image sensor technology for superb image reproduction capability. The camera consists of a compact camera control unit and one camera head with 1/2.9-type single (1920 x 1080) Exmor™ CMOS sensor, featuring 2.07 million pixels. By combining the Exmor image sensor with Sony’s image processing technologies, the Sony MCC-500MD provides an excellent sensitivity of F5.6, a remarkable signal-to noise ratio of 55db, and a high horizontal resolution of 900 TV lines or more. The Sony MCC-500MD has enough output flexibility to fit a range of medical environments, with HDMI, HD-SDI (3G-SDI), S Video, and Composite video connectivity. Furthermore, Full HD (1920 x 1080) quality 60-fps progressive scan technology results in smooth images with reduced blur when HDMI or HD-SDI is used – ideal for viewing fast- moving images. All of the camera’s outputs are active simultaneously, so it is ideal for use with 2nd or 3rd monitors in the operating room. Together with Sony’s medical-grade recorders and monitors, the Sony MCC-500MD is the ideal solution for capturing and recording microsurgery applications. The Sony MCC-500MD ‘s compact and light-weight design allows the camera’s C-mount head to be easily mounted on most existing surgical microscopes.

About Sony Medical

Sony Electronics Inc. is a leading provider of innovative medical products designed for use in a wide range of applications as a stand-alone hardware solution, or for incorporation into integrated medical systems. Medical imaging offerings include dry film imagers, printers, cameras, recorders and medical grade monitors for a full range of modalities.

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