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LG 32HL710S (32HL710S-W) 31.5″ 4K Surgical Display

  • 31.5″ 4K (3840×2160) IPS
  • Support HDR10
  • Mirror & Rotation Mode
  • Up to 4PBP, PIP
  • Dustproof, Water Resistant
  • Protection Glass

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LG 32HL710S (32HL710S-W) 31.5″ 4K Surgical Display Monitor

  • LG 32HL710S (32HL710S-W) is a Display Optimized for the Operating Room

    The detailed picture quality of the LG 32HL710S (32HL710S-W) surgical display monitor meets operating room requirements.With its 31.5-inch IPS 8MP medical display, the LG surgical monitor improves work efficiency not only by enabling detailed observation but also by displaying multiple imaging applications.

  • IPS & 115 OF sRGB Enhancing Deep Red

    The LG 32HL710S (32HL710S-W) 8MP IPS display not only enables detailed observation of previously hard-to-see regions, but also displays multiple imaging applications. In particular, the LG surgical monitor provides brightness and sRGB over 99 percent to ensure accurate color reproduction in the surgery room. Moreover, by adding a deep red color spectrum, the Surgical monitor assures color expression of the red spectrum.

  • Multiple Signals on One Screen

    The 32HL710S (32HL710S-W) supports up to 4PBP, PIP and extended ports, allowing you to see multiple signals from several devices on one screen. You can set a combination screen of the endoscopic video from endoscopic camera, the vital sign imagery and the fluoroscopic imagery.

  • DICOM Part 14 & Brightness Stabilization

    With various features to stabilize and adjust the brightness to meet standard viewing requirements, the LG 32HL710S (32HL710S-W) surgical display monitor carefully measures and sets every grayscale tone to create a monitor compliant with DICOM Part 14 to ensure visual accuracy and consistency. Furthermore, LG’s surgical monitors offer stabilized brightness settings that quickly adapt during the surgical procedure to correspond to local lighting conditions. DICOM Part 14, published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the American College of Radiology (ACR), provides strict guidelines for performing grayscale display function calibration and quality assurance tests on displays used in medical imaging applications.

  • Flicker Safe

    Flicker Safe reduces on-screen flickers, which helps minimize eye strain and eye fatigue. By combining Flicker Safe with the proven picture quality of IPS technology, users can comfortably work throughout the day.

  • Find the Perfect Operating View

    The 32HL710S (32HL710S-W) with Mirror & Rotate functions, helps you to set the perfectly optimized operating view for improving your convenience in the operating room. You can select the 180 degrees rotated image or the mirror image you want to see.

  • Dustproof & Water Resistant

    To ensure protection against contact with objects such as blood or bodily fluids, LG surgical monitors are cleanable and durable, with ratings of IP35 on the front and IP32 on the body except for front, securing them from any direction.

  • Anti-reflection & Optical Bonding Glass

    An LG surgical monitor with optically bonded glass significantly reduces internal reflection between the cover glass and the LCD to enhance accuracy. Improved anti-reflection ability enables displays to look brighter and sharper for the highest image quality. Now you can accurately judge what you see on-screen with high legibility and definition during the operation without eyestrain.

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Weight 560 oz
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 6 in

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