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NDS 24” Radiance G2 Surgical Display (90R0063)

  • The Latest High-End 24″ Surgical Display
  • Industry Leading LED Backlight Technology
  • Color Correction Technology (CCT)
  • Supports 3G-SDI and Optional Single-Fiber Inputs
  • 3rd Edition & RoHS Compliance


NDS 24 ” Radiance G2 Surgical Display (90R0063)

The NDS 24 ” Radiance G2 surgical display is the first full-featured 24” surgical display to utilize the latest LED backlight technology. It also features NDSsi’s patented Color Correction Technology (CCT), which enables the display to conform to the BT.709 HDTV color standard. The precise color calibration achieved using CCT ensures consistent color response across the entire family of Radiance G2 displays. Surgeons can now have the clinical confidence that the endoscopic image they view in different rooms and on different size displays are exactly the same. Compliant with the 3rd Edition medical safety standard and RoHS requirements, the NDS 24 ” Radiance G2 display is a future-proof investment.

  • 90R0063 – NDS 24 ” G2 w/o Fiber
  • 90R0064 – NDS 24 ” G2 w/ Single Fiber
  • 90R0065 – NDS 24 ” G2 w/o Fiber w/ Touch
  • 90R0066 – NDS 24 ” G2 w/ Single Fiber w/ Touch

This NDS 24 ” Radiance G2 display is the most current 24 inch display available from NDSsi. Its image quality and slim design is on par with today’s technologies. The NDS 24 ” Radiance G2 is also backed with a 3 year warranty to give you a piece of mind in terms of quality and functionality of the product. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and so we can offer you the best solution to your needs.

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