NDS Zerowire

  • Proprietary memory enabled pairing system makes installation quick and easy
  • Unsurpassed, reliable medical grade image quality
  • Ultra-low latency for real-time surgical video
  • Assured immunity to signal interference by virtue of wide radio frequency band
  • Interfaces to a wide range of image sources in the OR
  • Multiple channels that can co-exist in the same environment
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NDS Zerowire

NDS ZeroWire is an advanced medical-grade wireless video solution, designed for minimally invasive surgery and interventional procedures. Delivering full HD surgical video in real time with less than 1-frame latency, NDS ZeroWire utilizes the Ultra-Wideband (UBW) frequency spectrum, allowing it to co-exist with other electronic devices in the OR.  NDS ZeroWire improves clinical efficiency and safety in the OR by eliminating video cables which require cleaning, frequent replacement, and can be a potential tripping hazard. The memory-enabled pairing system makes installation quick and easy. NDS ZeroWire complies with the EN 60601-1-2 standard, and is specially designed for the video transmission challenges of the surgical environment.
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