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Totoku MS35i2 3MP 21.3" Digital Mammography Display

  •  21.3″ Monochrome LCD
  •  3 megapixel
  •  1536×2048 pixel
  •  Maximum luminance 1700cd/m²
  •  LED Backlight



Totoku MS35i2 3MP 21.3″ Digital Mammography Display

Digital mammography viewing demands an extraordinarily high level of precision from your LCD display. Totoku’s MS35i2 redefines new standards of care by over-delivering resolution and clarity for improved accuracy in breast cancer screening.

With integrated ISD (Independent Sub-pixel Drive) technology, the MS31i2 exceeds resolution values of traditional 5 Mega-pixel displays, and due to economies of scale, is more affordable than its 5 megapixel counterpart. Introducing the MS352, with ISD technology enables a 3Mega-pixel-based LCD to render 9 mega sub-pixel images, exceeding the current standards of care for primary mammography diagnosis.

*Patent pending
Special viewer software is required for displaying an image.


LED is the new standard for backlight and brings a lot of advantages. Especially from a financial point of view LED is the future technology. LED saves up to 20% energy and the extended lifetime of up to 20% helps tight budgets.

Next Generation Interface – DisplayPort

In addition to a DVI port, each i2 series display includes a new digital display interface, “DisplayPort”. When using the DisplayPort, up to 1024 or 10-bit shades of gray are simultaneously displayed. This enables smooth and accurate display of subtle dierences in shades of gray. Additionally, 1073.74 million colors (10-bit in each R, G, B) are simultaneously displayed on our color model.

The greenest Displays we ever build

Totoku is committed to providing high performance display systems that are ecological and environmentallyfriendly. We strive to create green IT initiatives and be a part of building a clean energy future. In eort toachieve this, we have incorporated new power-saving features in our i2 series displays.

Our internal power supply system includes a newly improved power save mode, which allows the display to enter standby mode with less than 2 watts of energy consumption.

Gravity Sensor

With the new gravity sensor, EDID data is automatically updated depending on display orientation. Now display content will rotate automatically with the display.*

*Automatic rotation may not be available for every video card.

ISD – Because details matter

The Totoku patented ISD technology gives you a whole new view. ISD increases resolution by three for a precision you never saw on a display before. This enables up to 15 Million Pixels on a single display.

Independet Subpixel Driving

A monochrome display has a large number of pixel elements and each pixel element consists of three sub-pixels, which are driven as one pixel in conventional monochrome displays. Newly developed technology, Independent Sub-pixel Drive (ISD) composed of a display that comes with the ISD algorithm and special viewer software enables each sub pixel to be driven independently, and consequently MS51i2 provides superior, lossless image reproduction.

Image beside shows mechanism of resolution enhancement by the ISD and comparison of captured images on a conventional display and a display with ISD technology. By the ISD function, the image is depicted more accurately.
*ISD needs to be activated by activation CDROM which needs to be purchased seperatly

Lambda Senstinel II – Advanced Sensor System

Sentinel II consists of a luminance sensor and a luminance control circuit. The luminance sensor in integrated into the front bezel, directly against the screen, and constantly monitors and accurately stabilizes luminance on the screen surface by sending feedback instantaneously to the control circuit.

Result is a very stable image quality with a day by day diagnostic confidence.

Front Sensor and PM Medivisor – The perfect match

Together with PM Medivisor you can get all additional benefits from the sensor systen by enabling remote calibration and remote conformance testing.

With the TOTOKU Software solutions and remote management you become the QA expert. The Medivisor suite makes calibration and testing as simple as possible. With PM Medivisor you enleash the full remote functionality.
All remote features are so advanced that you don’t even get noticed. The integrated front sensor checks constantly the image quality. This data is send to the server and avaiable by a webinterface you can access from any workstation.

Calibration tasks can be scheduled and executed remotly with the front sensor. This cuts maintenance time and affort. The email notice function sends messages in case of too high ambient light, changed configurations or trouble.

To give you confidence in the image quality all i2 models are equipped with state of the art technology.

Uniformity equalizer is built in to achieve highly accurate luminance uniformity across the screen.
Simultaneous display of 2048 shades of gray. Combined with a viewer software, 2048 shades of grapy (11 bit) can be simultaneously displayed. It realizes smoother grayscale display required for medical image displays.
OSD information display.At your ngertips, you can view current display status and information, including actual measurement of luminance, calibration settings, total operating hours as well as model name and serial number.
Worldwide medical safety standards
  • This display is certified under various medical safety standards that are much more demanding than those for general-purpose IT equipment

About Totoku

TOTOKU is a leading worldwide manufacturer of medical image displays and touch panel displays. Its high-end, high-cost-performance medical image displays and touch panels are backed by its unique technology and know-how through decades of solid experience in the industry since 1972.

TOTOKU has supplied computer displays for factories, broadcast stations, workstations, and other applications, and has earned a high marks for its product reliability under harsh conditions and post-installation support, not to mention specialized technologies required for respective fields.

TOTOKU continues to provide high-performance displays for specialized fields by developing leading-edge technologies, while providing consistently optimal customer service.

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