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Totoku MS55i2 5MP 21.3" Digital Mammography Display

Super High Resolution Display for Mammography
(Optional: Independent Subpixel Drive Technology)

In addition to the advanced features of the current TOTOKU’s products, Totoku MS55i2 is equipped with some new technologies to deliver higher performance in diagnostic reading. By adopting new generation IPS LCD with LED backlight, MS55i2 has achieved high contrast ratio of 1200:1, providing brighter and crisper images ever.
Thanks to the new energy saving LED backlight LCD, MS55i2 provides more stability in image quality for a long period of time. Also the new function of DICOM conformance self-test function comes with this newly upgraded digital mammography display.



Totoku MS55i2 5MP 21.3″ Digital Mammography Display

High contrast ratio by adopting new generation IPS LCD

TOTOKU new model Totoku MS55i2 responds to a demand for higher performance in digital mammography display by having achieved the contrast ratio of 1200:1, which is significantly improved from 850:1 with the existing model.

New LED backlight system provides more stability in images as we as energy saving

While Totoku MS55i2 with the new LED backlight lasts much longer in optimal
conditions, it has energy efficiency to reduce the power consumption by 20% compared to existing models.

DICOM conformance self-testing function

DICOM conformance test can be easily performed as an OSD function of the display.

15M ISD resolution with a pixel pitch of 55μmSuper-high 15M Independent Sub pixel Drive resolution with a pixel pitch of 55µm

Faithful Reproduction of Image Details
While a pixel pitch of 5MP displays is 165µm, Totoku MS55i2 achieves 55µm in sub pixel chain direction by newly developed Independent Sub pixel Drive technology to realize excellent depiction of image details.

Advanced Image Quality with Less Degradation

To display an overall image whose native resolution is higher than the monitor is able to reproduce, the image is converted to a lower resolution image with a certain amount of data loss.
The Totoku MS55i2 with super high resolution offers excellent image reproduction, faithful to the original captured by the modality device with less image degradation.

Independent Sub pixel Drive Technology
Driven each Sub pixel value corresponding to detailed information recorded in an original image, three times resolution enhancement is achieved. (Patent pending) In addition, up to 1276 shades of gray are now simultaneously displayable by the upgraded Independent Sub pixel Drive technology.

*Customized viewer software is required to display images with enhanced resolution by the Independent Sub pixel Drive technology.

Special AR Coating for Film-like Black and Improved SharpnessSpecial AR Coating for Film-like Black and Improved Sharpness

TOTOKU’s new special AR coating technology addresses properties of focus, noise reduction, contrast, and viewing angle achieving film-like black and accurate reproduction of images.

新開発の輝度安定化システム(λ-Sentinel II)を搭載Luminance stabilizing system λ-Sentinel

λ-Sentinel consists of a luminance sensor and a luminance control circuit. The luminance sensor in integrated into the front bezel, directly against the screen, and constantly monitors and accurately stabilizes luminance on the screen surface by sending feedback instantaneously to the control circuit.

Ambient light sensorAn ambient light sensor is built-in so that calibration appropriate for the effects of ambient luminance is carried out.
Luminance sensorThe luminance sensor attached in front of the screen constantly monitors and accurately stabilizes luminance on the screen surface by sending feedback to the control circuit.

Remote grayscale check and remote calibration functionsRemote grayscale check and remote calibration functions

Totoku MS55i2 conformance testing to DICOM GSDF and calibration can be remotely accomplished. These features minimize the burden on display administrators.

* Optional PM Medivisor software is required.

Luminance equalizer λ-Uniformity Congruence)Next Generation Interface – DisplayPort

In addition to a DVI port, each i2 series display includes a new digital display interface, “DisplayPort”. When using the DisplayPort, up to 1024 or 10-bit shades of gray are simultaneously displayed. This enables smooth and accurate display of subtle dierences in shades of gray. Additionally, 1073.74million colors (10-bit in each R, G, B) are simultaneously displayed on our color model.

*Customized viewer software and graphics card are required to display 10-bit images.

Simultaneous display of 1276 shades of graySimultaneous display of 2048 shades of gray

Totoku MS55i2 combined with a viewer software, 2048 shades of gray (11 bit) can be simultaneously displayed. It realizes smoother grayscale display required for medical image displays.

*A viewer software that supports TOTOKU’s multi-shade display system is required for 2048 shades of gray simultaneous display.
*1276 shades of gray are simultaneously displayable by the Independent Sub pixel Drive technology.

Luminance equalizer λ-Uniformity Congruence)Luminance equalizer λ-Uniformity Congruence

Totoku MS55i2 is built in to achieve highly accurate luminance uniformity across the screen. Luminance unevenness is minimized in the final tune-up prior to shipping.

* Images shown are for illustrative purposes only.

alibration functionCalibration function

Calibrates luminance and gamma to enable smooth grayscale display that is faithful to DICOM GSDF.

* Optional calibration kit is required.

Hardware pivot function for fast drawing in portrait on landscape orientation

Stress-free operation is made possible by fast drawing speed for on-the-fly change to portrait.

Dual Link input

Totoku MS55i2 provides smooth display of motion pictures.

Display ConfigrationsUser-selectable display configurations

Luminance/gamma settings are selectable from three preset levels according to the needs. User-selectable configuration enable stress free operations without specialized settings.

OSDOSD Information Display

With a push of a button, the display’s current status can be checked such as the display model, total operating time, actual measurement of luminance, and calibration settings.

LED indicator to inform of current statusLED indicator to inform of current status

A glance at the Totoku MS55i2 LED indicator tells you the display’s current operating status.

Medivisor Series SoftwareDisplay Quality Control

The Medivisor Series is a series of software to collectively support display quality control from acceptance and periodic constancy testing to constant monitoring, to calibration.


Pairing service to match colors of two displays (Optional)

Ecological Technology ? Considering the Global Environment

Ecological Technology – Considering the Global Environment

Totoku is committed to providing high performance display systems that are ecological and environmentally friendly. We strive to create green IT initiatives and be a part of building a clean energy future. In eort to achieve this, we have incorporated new power-saving features in our i2 series displays.
Our advanced power saving function dims the backlight as the screensaver activates, thereby reducing power consumption and preventing unnecessary backlight deterioration, resulting in a longer lasting display. Our internal power supply system includes a newly improved power save mode, which allows the display to enter standby mode with less than 2 watts of energy consumption.

*Optional software Calibration Kit is required to set up the Advanced Power Savings feature.

Enhanced convenience with utility software:

Advanced power saving*

The Totoku MS55i2 backlight dims as the screensaver starts, reducing power consumption and preventing unnecessary deterioration of the backlight.

* This feature may not be available, depending on the specifications of the graphics card used.

Gamma check

18 points of luminance values are measured and plotted into a graph.

*Optional software Calibration Kit is required to set up the Advanced Power Savings feature and Gamma check feature.

Worldwide medical safety standards

This display is certified under various medical safety standards that are much more demanding than those for general-purpose IT equipment.

About Totoku

TOTOKU is a leading worldwide manufacturer of medical image displays and touch panel displays. Its high-end, high-cost-performance medical image displays and touch panels are backed by its unique technology and know-how through decades of solid experience in the industry since 1972.

TOTOKU has supplied computer displays for factories, broadcast stations, workstations, and other applications, and has earned a high marks for its product reliability under harsh conditions and post-installation support, not to mention specialized technologies required for respective fields.

TOTOKU continues to provide high-performance displays for specialized fields by developing leading-edge technologies, while providing consistently optimal customer service.

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