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Wide MW100 10MP Grayscale Diagnostic Display

  • World’s first 10-megapixel 30-inch
  • True 10-bit TFT LCD
  • World’s Top class of Luminance uniformity
  • Maximum 1250 cd/m² (typical 1000 cd/m²)
  • 1000 : 1 contrast ratio
  • Less than 1 watt in energy saving mode
  • User friendly USB port and control system
  • System self diagnostic function
  • LED light box
  • WIDE patent protected Stand-base


Wide MW100 10MP Grayscale Diagnostic Display

Better picture quality can make a huge difference when it comes to a life critical situation. That’s why we introduce the world’s first ever 10-megapixel 30-inch. wide screen medical display. It features the unprecedented true 10-bit TFT panel and boats the biggest contrast ratio and the highest luminance uniformity. This user-and-environment-friendly display is far superior to anything else currently on the market. Don’t settle for less, because every life is precious.
The Wide MW100 features unprecedented contrast coupled with ultra-high brightness and industry leading luminance uniformity performance. A new advanced on-board AQ sensor (IQ Sensor™) provides the highest level of confidence to satisfy the demanded performance of the medical imaging standard.
The Wide MW100 works to secure life changing decisions made every day, and protects your confidence that you have the best tool possible at your reach. The Wide MW100 creates the new standard for the mammography display industry.

Ultimate True 10-Bit Imaging Expression

The Wide MW100 uses a true 10-bit TFT LCD panel, allowing extremely high level of greyscale expression. This means that the Wide MW100 will express smoother and more accurate transitions from grey to grey versus 8-bit panel.

More Precise Expression Thanks to 14-Bit LUT

When viewing monotone scans, the 14-bit greyscale Look-Up Table (LUT) has the ability to express a billion of greyscale tones. This 14-bit LUT architecture renders each greyscale level with maximum precision and performance in connection with true 10-bit TFT LCD driving performance. As a result, the Wide MW100 offers highest grade of imaging performance for the mammography application.

Longevity of Display LIfetime for Great Luminance

The Wide MW100 is able to guarantee maximum luminance level of nearly 1250cd/m². Its superior lumincance will carry longer display lifetime, as well as very broaden diagnostic workflow. This includes Mammography. CT/MRI, Ultrasound and other imaging processes.

A consistent View from Every Angle

Thanks to the superior IPS technology, a built-in TFT LCD panel provides the world’s first top class wide-viewing angle performance.
It allows you and your co-worker to view the uniform and consistent image quality from any viewing angle.

Maximum Luminance Uniformity from Edge to Edge

Medical imaging displays demand highly accurate luminance uniformity across the screen. However uniformity is very difficult to achieve because of how TFT LCD display is constructed. The Wide MW100;s aboard Lumincance Uniformity Correction (LUC) function normalises  luminance from edge to edge. Furthermore the Wide MW100 ‘s On-Screen display function offers the flexibility of use-configurable preferences along with its pre-calibrated multi-level uniformity adjustments.

More and Broaden Multi-Diagnostic View Modes

The Wide MW100 has various pre-calibrated viewing modes including Mammography-High, Mammography-Normal, CT/MRI, Ultrasounds, and User mode. These viewing-modes are easily selectable with the view-mode button on the front control center. The user mode also can be uploaded with its preference display configurations using bundled calibration software by the end-user or technician.

More Productivity Due to Bezel-Free

The Wide MW100 not only broadens the display view, but furthermore extends to provide more space on the working desktop with its bezel-free architecture. A 30-inch diagnostic display offer more flexibility and productivity compared to 5MP displays.

Clear Look through Double-Coating

Less light is lost through an anti-reflection coating, and therefore improves the efficiency of the system. The reduction of the reflection also improves the contrast of the image by elimination of stray light. Thanks to the double-side anti-Reflection coated material, Wide’s new protective glass has nearly zero loss of transmittance.

Smart Replacement and Plug’N’Display Technology

Because of Wide’s in-house intelligent circuitry solution, its now very easy to replace the existing dual-head of 5 Mega-Pixel displays to a single of Wide MW100. Control with the embedded Plug’N’Display capability, through either DVIs or Display Ports connectivity. A new installation of Wide MW100 can be easily accomplished.

About Wide Displays

At WIDE, We are making our medical imaging monitors smarter through innovations that ensure maximum precision.WIDE’s foresight into the demands of the digital Mammography, PACS and Clinical markets have brought the medical community a wide range of displays specifically designed for each imaging workspace within your enterprise.As a result, WIDE’s Technological innovation and outstanding performance have made WIDE a leader in Medical Imaging.
The neX-Series, also called the X-Series, self-calibrating display line furthers WIDE’s reputation as an industry leader in technology and design. These environmentally friendly and ergonomically designed displays exceed industry standards with the new on-board IQ SensorTM bundled with a network calibration package for full automatic calibration, conformance, alerting and reporting.
The X-Series line of self-calibrating displays are designed with the future of medical imaging in mind, featuring ultra high brightness and contrast ratios and industry leading luminance uniformity performance.

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