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Beacon C32SP+ 3MP Color LCD Display

  • 21.3” 3MP Color Medical Display
  • Native resolution: 2048×1536
  • Brightness: 1,000cd/m2 Typ.
  • Contrast: 1500:1 Typ.
  • 510K approved




Beacon C32SP+ 21.3”3MP Color Medical Display

Beacon C32SP+ has color and grayscale imaging functions, suitable for a variety of medical imaging equipment and clinical departments, and can easily and flexibly view color images and grayscale images conforming to the DICOM standard on the same monitor, such as two-dimensional color medical images, fusion images, functional imaging, and 3D reconstructed images

The Beacon C32SP+ maintains a stable brightness throughout its life and is capable of continuous DICOM calibration. It has a built-in 14bit LUT, which meets the high precision requirements of medical imaging.

Beacon C32SP+ adopts an LED backlight panel unit, ultra-thin and full-plane design, and AR protective screen, which has the characteristics of anti-reflection, easy cleaning and disinfection, and anti-glass scratches.

Feature Highlights

Ambient Brightness Adaptive System

The front integrated brightness sensor continuously monitors the ambient brightness and automatically adjusts the screen brightness to ensure that the display meets the DICOM standard under any ambient brightness.

Comply With DICOM International Standard

Accurately display medical images and the smallest details, and maintain the display consistency of different monitors, as well as the display consistency between monitors and different imaging equipment, to ensure diagnostic accuracy.

Continuous Quality Assurance System

The front-end integrated sensor monitors and corrects the grayscale and color of the screen, continuously and automatically ensuring the accuracy of medical image display and centralized management through the network.

Backlight Stabilization System

The built-in integrated backlight sensor continuously monitors the brightness of the backlight. It can quickly achieve brightness stability at startup and automatically compensate for changes in ambient temperature and brightness loss caused by long-term use, maintaining brightness consistency throughout the product life cycle.

About Beacon

As a high-tech enterprise dedicated to display technology innovation and application, Shenzhen Beacon Display Technology Co., Ltd. has two professional manufacturing bases located in Shenzhen and Shenyang respectively. Beacon provides a full series of medical imaging display solutions, covers almost all medical imaging application areas, including clinical review, diagnostic, consultation center, digitized surgical room and ultrasound, CT, MRI, DR, DSA, DSI, endoscope etc.
Beacon has been widely identified by the market. Many medical imaging equipment manufacturers have chosen Beacon’s displays as the standard configuration. In hospital, Beacon currently holds more than 50% market share in China and has more than 4000 hospital users. Info

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