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Elo 2200L 22 inch LCD Wide-Aspect Touchmonitor

  • Sleek, integrated design offers a stylish look for public venues
  • Wide-screen format provides more application space
  • Pure-glass construction provides enhanced optical performance, uninterrupted surface area, and easy-toclean seamless surface
  • “Designed for touch” features include a stable tilt base
  • Dual independent hinges and an adjustable height stand provide flexibility to meet a variety of height requirements; can also be installed in portrait mode
  • Space-saving built-in 2W speakers
  • User-lockable on-screen display—designed for public access
  • VESA compliance makes wall or arm-mounting possible
  • AC and DC power for maximum input flexibility
  • VGA and DVI video input (Standard European models without DVI)
  • Screen is resistant to water, dust, grease
  • One-time factory calibration for easy deployment and integration
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Elo 2200L 22 inch LCD Wide-Aspect Touchmonitor

The Elo 2200L is one of the first wide-aspect ratio touch monitors with a virtually 100-percent useable surface area. The unique “zero-bezel” design removes the frame, or bezel, of standard monitors to create a seamless glass surface that showcases the wide-screen, high-definition experience today’s consumers have come to expect. This smooth, seamless touchmonitor surface is possible with state-of-the-art Elo TouchSystems Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR)* touch technology. The Elo 2200L is intended for use in high-traffic retail, hospitality and other public environments, and offers both aesthetic elegance and world-class durability. Because APR technology works by recognizing the sound created when the monitor’s surface is touched, users can interact with the Elo 2200L touchscreen with virtually any kind of stylus. From a fingertip to the edge of a credit card. The monitor also provides zero-drift performance and since it is calibrated at the factory, it never needs user recalibration, thus ensuring a long, low-maintenance functional life. The seamless glass surface of the Elo 2200L provides high quality optics and is complimented by durability with superb dragging properties. The easy-to-clean screen is resistant to water, dust and grease, making it preferred for use in public-access environments.

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