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FSN FS-P2603D (FSP2603D) 26” HD LED Medical Display

  • Compatible with new or existing surgical integration applications
  • Full-featured image control, precise surgical site visualization
  • Allows mounting on spring arms and surgical booms
  • Conforms to Electromagnetic Directive 2004/108/EC and 93/42/EEC
  • Medical-grade construction, surgical environment ready
  • Certified for near-patient use in the sterile field.


FSN FS-P2603D (FSP2603D) 26” HD LED Medical Display

Integration-ready surgical displays from FSN offer functionality for rapid and seamless deployment in surgical suite applications where many different video signals are present. The luminance and color temperature found in FS-P2603D (FSP2603D) combine to offer the optimal visualization quality demanded in today’s OR. Settings can be adjusted and saved to match surgical equipment such as endoscopy cameras and fluoroscopy imaging devices. A wide viewing angle lets medical professionals view images from a variety of locations in the OR.
FSN FS-P2603D (FSP2603D) has the latest advanced features built in. The input/output options have been expanded, including dual DVI and on-board DC out power for smaller component needs. This unit features LED backlight technology and an engineered polymer housing.

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