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LG 14HQ901G 14X17 Wireless Digital X-Ray Detector with Oxide TFT

  • Low-dose imaging acquisition with Oxide TFT
  • 140㎛ pixel size
  • 16bit A/D conversion
  • Raw Image in 2 sec. (wireless)
  • Raw image in 1.5 sec. (wired)
  • IP53: Water and Dust Resistant
  • Magnesium & Carbon-fiber Body
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Charging Time 3hrs.
Duration in Standby Status (Typ.) 13hrs.
Operating Time (Typ.) 220 shots / 5.5hrs. (@ Cycle Time 90sec.)
Type Detachable
AED (Auto Exposure Detection) Support
Type Wired / Wireless
Wireless IEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz / 5GHz
DQE @ 0.1lp/mm (Typ.) 72%
Maximum Load Weight Full (Uniform Load) : 300kg, 661Ib ; Local (Point Load) : 100kg, 220Ib
Resistance Rating IP53 rated
Sensor Protection Plate Carbon Fiber Plate
Image Area
X-ray Sensitive Area 350 x 427.28 mm
X-ray Sensitive Pixel 2500 x 3052 pixels
MTF @ 0.5lp/mm (Typ.) 89%
A/D Conversion 16bit
Cycle Time 8sec. (Wired) / 11sec. (Wireless)
Data Output 16bit
External Dimension 14 x 17 inch
Full Image Wired 1.5 sec. (Typ.) Wireless 2 sec. (Typ.)
Intended Use General Radiography
Pixel Size 140 m
Scintillator CsI
TFT Type A-si
Weight 2.95kg, 6.5lb (Icld. Battery)
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