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Totoku CCL244 / AR 24.1" Color Surgical Display

Advanced endoscopy / surgical display with LED backlight, full HD and versatile connectivity



Totoku CCL244 / AR 24.1″ Color Surgical Display

IPS Panel technology

IPS panel technology provides high brightness, a wide viewing angle and accuracy in color.

AR Coating

AR coating technology addresses properties of focus, noise reduction, high contrast and less reflection to produce crisper image.


Totoku CCL244 support multiple interface including DVI,HDMI,Analog RGB,S-Video,HD-SDI and NTSC/PAL.(DVI and HDMI for input only)



Totoku CCL244 supports VGA 640 x 480 to HDTV 1920 x 1200, a wide variety of signals are supported.


These features allow two videos/images from multiple signal inputs to be displayed simultaneously so that surgeons can effectively obtain required information.

About Totoku

TOTOKU is a leading worldwide manufacturer of medical image displays and touch panel displays. Its high-end, high-cost-performance medical image displays and touch panels are backed by its unique technology and know-how through decades of solid experience in the industry since 1972.

TOTOKU has supplied computer displays for factories, broadcast stations, workstations, and other applications, and has earned a high marks for its product reliability under harsh conditions and post-installation support, not to mention specialized technologies required for respective fields.

TOTOKU continues to provide high-performance displays for specialized fields by developing leading-edge technologies, while providing consistently optimal customer service.

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