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Totoku ME193 1.3MP 19" Monochrome LCD

High Luminance & wide viewing angle LCD with BNC/VGA/DVI interfaces

Stable luminance with brightness feedback system. Analog BNC for sync on video, composite sync, separate sync signals & interlaced timings. Manually adjustable for proprietary timings.



 Totoku ME193 1.3MP 19″ Monochrome LCD

Multiple Interfaces

In addition to digital input, analog BNC and VGA inputs are also supported. Thanks to the equipped buffer amplifier, there is no compromise on image quality when multiple Totoku ME193 are connected in a daisy chain.

Capable for a Wide Variety of Timings

You can manually adjust display settings with Manual Setting function for any type of analog signals including interlaced timings and save them into the display up to 90 timings.

Built-in 12bit LUT (Look-up Table)


The most optimal 256 shades of gray out of 4096 shades (12 bits) in the built-in LUT will be selected to render an image with smoother grayscale.

Built-in power supply unit

The Totoku ME193 internal power supply saves your work space by eliminating the need for an AC adapter.

Compliant to Worldwide medical safety standards

The Totoku ME193 is certified under various medical safety standards in the world.

About Totoku

TOTOKU is a leading worldwide manufacturer of medical image displays and touch panel displays. Its high-end, high-cost-performance medical image displays and touch panels are backed by its unique technology and know-how through decades of solid experience in the industry since 1972.

TOTOKU has supplied computer displays for factories, broadcast stations, workstations, and other applications, and has earned a high marks for its product reliability under harsh conditions and post-installation support, not to mention specialized technologies required for respective fields.

TOTOKU continues to provide high-performance displays for specialized fields by developing leading-edge technologies, while providing consistently optimal customer service.

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