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Wide IF1901MP 1.3MP Monochrome Diagnostic Display

  • High Brightness: 1000 cd/m2.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: 170° Horizontal and Vertical.
  • DICOM 3.14 Compliance Out of Box.
  • Backlight Stabilization Sensor(SBC).
  • Multiple Preset Viewing Modes Built In.
  • Multiple Interface and Connectivity(IF1901MP).
  • Versatile video connectivity(IF1901MP only): VGA, DVI, BNC(SOG), S-video, Composite.
  • Medically Certified.


Wide IF1901MP 1.3MP Monochrome Diagnostic Display

The Wide IF1901MP 19″ display offer its broad versatility to be able to use with vary of modality equipment such as OR equipment, C-arm, Ultrasound and others.
Because of on-board intelligent circuit WIDE modality display can be used for replacing old CRT (cathode ray tube) display.
High-end model of Wide IF1901MP has a broad of video source connectivity including VGA, DVI and BNC for SOG (sync-on-green) signal input as well as pass through output for VGA and BNC.

About Wide Displays

At WIDE, We are making our medical imaging monitors smarter through innovations that ensure maximum precision.WIDE’s foresight into the demands of the digital Mammography, PACS and Clinical markets have brought the medical community a wide range of displays specifically designed for each imaging workspace within your enterprise.As a result, WIDE’s Technological innovation and outstanding performance have made WIDE a leader in Medical Imaging.
The neX-Series, also called the X-Series, self-calibrating display line furthers WIDE’s reputation as an industry leader in technology and design. These environmentally friendly and ergonomically designed displays exceed industry standards with the new on-board IQ SensorTM bundled with a network calibration package for full automatic calibration, conformance, alerting and reporting.
The X-Series line of self-calibrating displays are designed with the future of medical imaging in mind, featuring ultra high brightness and contrast ratios and industry leading luminance uniformity performance.

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