When investing in new medical display monitors, you will likely have a specific use in mind for it and you must choose the monitor that is best able to meet all of your needs and requirements in this regard. Thankfully, with such a range of different monitors available on the market, you shouldn’t ever struggle to find a high-quality monitor that is suitable for your application. 


It is likely that when you turn to a reliable brand, such as Eizo, for your medical display monitors then you will easily be able to find a monitor for your specific use. Eizo is known for providing monitors that are brilliant for all medical uses and their vast range is always worth browsing no matter what your reasons may be for needing a new medical display monitor. To find out more about Eizo monitors, keep reading today. 




As you’re probably aware, many different types of medical images are used in diagnostics and medical professions use CTs, MRIs, PETs, mammographies and many other image types daily. These images are incredibly beneficial to ensuring that patients are diagnosed correctly and as quickly as possible. 


To assist with diagnostics, monitors such as the Eizo GX560 or the Eizo RX1270 can provide you with the consistently high and stable brightness required to see clear and high-density images. With these medical monitors, you can trust that even in the brightest environments you will have clear visibility of the images required to assist with your diagnosis. 


The Eizo RX1270 can even display both monochrome and colour images, so you can rely on one medical display monitor to assist you in numerous ways. All Eizo monitors are known for being featured-packed too, so not only can they assist you with your diagnostics, but they can improve your efficiency and streamline your processes. 


Treatment and surgery 


The use of video equipment in operations theatres is continually increasing and you can expect it to be required in procedures such as minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery. This video equipment is essential to the success and the efficiency of these intricate operations. 


For this reason, Eizo also created medical displays that are intended for this use and monitors like the Eizo EX2621, Eizo EX3220 and the Eizo EX3140 have everything required to faithfully reproduce surgical images that aid procedures. The sleek design of these monitors with fully-flat protective glass makes them perfect for use in a small operating theatre too. 


The Eizo EX3140 is a 4K ultra high definition monitor as well, so you will easily be able to see fine details that are otherwise difficult to distinguish, which is incredibly beneficial during surgery. The vast majority of Eizo surgical displays also allow up to three video sources to be displayed simultaneously, including a zoom function, so you will always have the image you need. 


Purchasing an Eizo medical display monitor 


All in all, there is no denying that no matter where you need to use a medical display monitor or what your needs and requirements may be for this monitor, you can trust that Eizo will be able to assist you. As a brand which is well aware that medical display monitors are a critical resource for modern medical practices, they continually go above and beyond to ensure that the monitors they provide open up new avenues for diagnosis, prevention and treatment.


If you would like to view some of the different Eizo medical display monitors available today, please visit the Hiliex Inc website. Here you will find images, detailed descriptions and specifications of a huge selection of different Eizo medical display monitors. If you have any questions at all about any of the medical display monitors on our site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we will gladly provide you with any additional information that you may require.