Diagnostic displays are used in such a vast range of healthcare disciplines, including, but not limited to; radiology, surgery, mammography, clinical review imaging and dentistry. Whilst many of these disciplines have different requirements for their medical displays, there is one brand that is able to meet the needs of the majority; Barco. This brand is incredibly well-known in the industry and is the first choice for anyone looking for new medical displays. 


Barco is known for creating products that support people to work smarter together and help professionals achieve their goals. It is always their aim to use technology to transform the quality of life and many of their medical displays enable experts to do just that. Without the help of Barco’s industry-leading products, many would not be able to do their job as efficiently or effectively. If you’re interested in finding out more about Barco’s medical displays, below is a list of some of their most popular models. 


Barco MDCG-3221


The Barco MDCG-3221 is a grayscale display that is commonly used for radiology imaging. Many opt for this display because it delivers optimum diagnostic precision and workflow efficiency thanks to its intelligent Multi-Sensor Technology. This display also benefits from high-bright LED backlights which make even the most subtle details much more noticeable, so you will never need to worry about important things being overlooked. 


Barco MDCG-5221


Again, this is another grayscale display, but the Barco MDCG-5221 has unrivalled brightness due to it featuring a push on ‘hot light’ I-Luminate button which temporarily boosts the display brightness as and when required. It is worth pointing out that the Barco LED backlights in this display are thankfully low in power consumption too, as well as mercury-free, meaning they produce less heat and last much longer. 


Barco MDNC-2221


When wanting a colour medical display, many turn to the Barco MDNC-2221 and it is perfect for a multitude of applications. You can always rely on this display to provide perfect images that allow medical professionals to make confident diagnoses in a short amount of time, simply because it benefits from a unique front-of-screen sensor. With high-performance 3D rendering, it is a brilliant option for so many.


Barco MDNG-5221


Often, when investing in a medical display specifically for mammography viewing many will require a larger screen and the Barco MDNG-5221 is perfect for this. This specific model is so popular because it features Uniform Luminance Technology which ensures that any subtle details become clear much more quickly, resulting in reduced windowing and levelling time. You will never have to question the image quality with this display. 


Barco MDCC-6330


Barco brought the first-ever Fusion display to the market and its 4th generation is the Barco MDCC-6330. This is an incredible multi-modality diagnostic display system and it features the latest exclusive IPS-Pro LCD technology, so you will get perfect images from any viewing angle. This medical display also benefits from many of Barco’s unique productivity tools, our favourite being SpotView technology that enables you to focus light on abnormalities that require extra attention.


Purchasing Barco medical display 


It is easy to see why so many professionals turn to Barco when in need of new medical displays and thanks to their vast range of products, they really are able to meet the individual requirements of many. So, ultimately, whatever your needs may be, it is highly likely that Barco will have a medical display for you and it is worthwhile browsing their range to see which of their products would be most suitable for your application. 


If you require any assistance when doing so or if you’d like to find out more about any of the Barco displays mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Hiliex today. As a distributor and value-added reseller of medical diagnostic display monitors, you can guarantee that we are the perfect people to assist you in this regard. It is always our aim to provide medical professionals with cost-effective solutions that will save them both time and money, so our expert team will work closely with you to find the perfect Barco monitor. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.