These days, a vast range of different brands create high-quality medical displays and when browsing the market it can be quite overwhelming. As you may expect, there will be a few brands that you come across more than others and it is likely that one of these will be Eizo. Whether you’re looking for diagnostic monitors or surgical monitors, you can trust that Eizo will have the perfect solution and for many medical professionals, they are their go-to brand. 


Eizo has been providing highly specialised visual solutions to those in the healthcare industry since 1968 and it is fair to say that they are incredibly experienced in this regard. The products they have developed and manufactured have improved the professional lives of those in a range of settings and they are able to meet the individual needs of many. If you’re wondering what makes Eizo medical displays so popular, keep reading today. 


Unparallel image quality 


Arguably, the most important thing to look at when purchasing a new medical display of any kind is image quality and it is fair to say that Eizo excels. No matter what your viewing angle may be, they pride themselves on providing crystal-clear medical images. 


Thanks to properties such as stable brightness, anti-glare, anti-reflection and sharpness recovery, Eizo monitors are incomparable when it comes to the images they display. Take the Eizo RX660, for example, you can view a wide variety of different medical images on this monitor and each and every image will always be precise. 


Perfect ergonomics 


Not only do Eizo understand the importance of high-quality images, but they also understand that professionals need to be able to use their products frequently too. For this reason, they focus on providing perfect ergonomics for the best performance as well. 


Unlike other brands, Eizo uses intelligent solutions to prevent common issues such as eye fatigue and incorrect posture. The adjustability of their medical displays allows the user to set it up in line with their individual requirements. Many first time users are surprised by just how much of a difference this can make to their day-to-day working life. 


Sleek designs 


Whether you’re using an Eizo medical display in an operating theatre or diagnostics room, you can trust that no matter how much space you have, their sleek designs will be suitable. They know that the shape, size and style of the display are all just as important as other properties.


Even on monitors such as the Eizo RX560, that consist of two screens, the design is incredibly smart. The bezel is just 7.5mm, making it the narrowest bezel on a monitor of this kind, and it helps the user’s eyes swiftly move from one screen to another with ease. The Eizo EX5841 is another brilliant example of how important design is to them, with its fully-flat protective glass and rounded corners.


Feature-packed monitors 


All Eizo medical displays benefit from a range of industry-leading features and are built using the latest technology. With numerous functions such as; the hide-and-seek function, the switch-and-go function and the point-and-focus function too, their monitors are considered to be leaps and bounds above other brands. 


Purchasing an Eizo medical display 


All in all, it is incredibly easy to see why so many medical professionals nowadays choose to use Eizo medical displays. There is no denying that no matter what your requirements may be in this regard, Eizo will be able to meet them and they will go above and beyond to ensure that the monitors they offer you open up new avenues for diagnosis, prevention and treatment. If you have never considered Eizo before, you can guarantee that it is well worth doing so and that they won’t disappoint. 


When purchasing Eizo medical displays, be sure to visit the Hiliex Inc website today. Here you will be able to browse a range of their products and you can get a real feel for the vast section that they supply. Should you require any assistance when choosing which medical display monitor would be best for your individual needs, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will gladly assist you further. As a distributor and value-added reseller of surgical and medical diagnostic display monitors, you can trust that we are the perfect people to reach out to.