It goes without saying that every surgeon will have a range of surgical instruments that they simply wouldn’t be able to carry out operations without. These are essential for performing specific actions and as you may expect, over time many new instruments have been designed. These days, surgeons also rely on lots of other things to help them through a surgical procedure and one of the most important being a surgical display monitor


As minimally invasive surgical techniques are being used more frequently and many are performing keyhole surgeries and robot-guided surgeries, talented surgeons are becoming more and more reliant on high-quality medical-grade display monitors. Thankfully, there are continual advancements in technology and the imaging systems used in an operating theatre are benefiting from these. In this day and age, you can expect surgical monitors to be more advanced than ever before. If you’re wanting to invest in a new display monitor for your surgery room, below is a list of things you should currently be looking out for.


4K ultra-high definition 


Ensuring that you have high-quality images is by far the most important thing when purchasing a new display monitor. With 4K resolution available, which is four times the resolution of Full HD, this is the very best available when wanting to increase the level of detail shown on the screen. With 4K ultra-high definition, surgeons will experience increased depth perception too, which enables them to operate much more precisely.


Accurate colour rendering 


Not only does your surgical monitor need to provide you with detailed images of previously hard-to-see regions, but it is also essential that it is able to provide accurate colour reproduction as well. As you may expect, the red spectrum, in particular, is incredibly important in the operating room, so ideally you should look for a display monitor that assures colour expression of this spectrum as well as all others. 


Complete control over images 


Many ensure that their surgical display has a wide viewing angle so images can be viewed from various directions with minimal changes in contrast. However, it is often also beneficial to have a monitor that is capable of displaying multiple images and/or videos at once. When looking at this, you should also ensure that regardless of the orientation of the surgical camera, you can rotate or mirror the displayed image to find the perfect operating view. Having complete control over the images on the screen is incredibly beneficial. 


Anti-reflection glass 


The bright lights of the operating theatre can cause issues with reflections on medical displays and this can make it much more difficult to see the images clearly. Ideally, you should ensure that the surgical monitor you’re purchasing features optically bonded glass which significantly reduces internal reflection between the cover glass and the LCD. You can then be provided with the highest image quality and operate without unnecessary eyestrain.


Ease of cleaning


As you’re already aware, surgery rooms must be sterile and it is undeniably important to ensure that you’re able to quickly and easily clean your surgical monitors too. Many displays have fully flat fronts that are also protected against foreign material and splashes, so you won’t need to worry in this regard. For additional safety, you may also want to consider finding monitors that have rounded corners and cable covers too. 


Investing in a new surgical monitor 


Hopefully, when browsing the market for a new surgical display, you will find it easier to ensure that you’re purchasing the best possible monitor available if you bear in mind everything above. There is no denying that it is absolutely essential that you’re investing in a medical monitor that doesn’t just meet all of your individual needs, but that also makes operations much easier for surgical teams. So, be sure to take your time when doing so. 


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