There is no denying that surgical display monitors are an essential piece of equipment in operating theatres and without these, specific surgeries just wouldn’t be possible. As minimally invasive and image-guided surgeries become increasingly popular due to their multiple benefits, many medical professionals are searching for the very best surgical display monitors to assist them as they work. 


As you may expect, there are many different brands that bring incredible surgical monitors to the market, but for many NDS monitors are always their first choice. NDS has been a market leader in medical monitors for over two decades now since they revolutionised the medical imaging industry and they offer a vast selection of advanced products to experts. If you’re wondering what makes NDS monitors so popular, keep reading today. 


Huge range of monitor sizes 


NDS has two different ranges of surgical display monitors; NDS EndoVue and NDS Radiance. Within these, they provide 15” screens through to 55” inch screens. In fact, NDS EndoVue offers the widest range of sizes in its market segment. So, no matter what size screen you’re looking for, you can rely on NDS to meet your needs. 


Sleek lightweight designs 


You can also rely on DNS monitors to be ergonomically sleek and lightweight, for example, the NDS 90R0076 32” display is only 25 lbs and is boom mountable. Just because they are so lightweight doesn’t mean that they aren’t long-lasting either, you can trust that all NDS monitors are still medical-grade quality and highly durable.


Consistent and accurate colour response 


NDS monitors are known for their ability to display accurate colours and providing professionals with consistent colours throughout their time of use. Take the NDS 90R0052, for example, it is the first of its kind to incorporate both backlight stabilisation and Colour Correction Technology. This combination provides a level of consistency beyond what has been previously available.


Splash-proof cleanable glass 


Of course, sterilisation is always of the utmost importance in operating theatres and thankfully, NDS monitors benefit from splash-proof cleanable edge-to-edge glass fronts, making them incredibly easy to clean after every surgery. Monitors like the NDS 90R0116 have a 10-year scratch-resistant glass guarantee too, so you’ll never need to worry in this regard either. 


Various image capabilities


The vast majority of NDS monitors are also capable of displaying multiple image modalities, like the NDS 90K0070, making them incredibly versatile. You will also find that some of the surgical displays benefit from picture-in-picture, split-screen and multi-image capability too, so you will clearly be able to see everything required when in surgery. 


Compatible with many camera systems


It is likely that once installed, you will be able to use your new NDS monitor straight away with your current camera system. For example, the NDS 90K0060 benefits from being plug-and-play compatible with endoscopic camera systems from leading manufacturers. Of course, not having to purchase a new camera system makes NDS more cost-effective than other alternatives too. 


Investing in NDS surgical display monitors 


NDS’ overall mission is to enable their customers to improve patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction and lower healthcare costs, and many will agree that they are doing just that. It is fair to say that their products are a brilliant choice and it is no surprise that they are continually increasing in popularity. There is no denying that if you’re looking to purchase new surgical display monitors, then you really should consider NDS monitors.


When looking to purchase NDS monitors, be sure to visit the Hiliex website. We are proud to offer a range of both NDS EndoVue and NDS Radiance monitors, so whichever model you’re interested in, it is likely that we will be able to assist you. Here at Hiliex, we pride ourselves on providing nothing by exceptional quality products and services to our clients, and we will go above and beyond for anyone who requires our help. You really can rely on us to ensure that you invest in the best NDS monitor for your individual needs.