It is fair to say that for many, Sony is a go-to brand for the latest technology. Whilst you can expect homeowners to have Sony TVs, Sony games consoles or Sony mobile phones, this brand has also been providing professionals with essential pieces of equipment for many years now too. Nowadays, you can expect photographers to have Sony cameras and musicians have Sony audio systems, but many are unaware that people in the healthcare industry use Sony medical products too.  


This incredibly versatile brand actually has a vast range of products, from medical printers to medical monitors, that are beneficial in a number of different healthcare disciplines. In fact, for many medical professionals, Sony surgical displays are their first choice and they will rely on them every time they step into an operating theatre. If you work in the healthcare industry and you’re interested in finding out more about Sony surgical displays and why many choose them, keep reading today. 


4K Ultra HD resolution


It is no surprise that the vast majority of Sony surgical display monitors benefit from 4K Ultra HD resolution. Their monitors have the ability to display images with four times the detail of Full HD, meaning medical professionals will always have crisp picture quality. Thanks to Sony’s unique upscaling technology, HD/SD resolution signals are automatically upscaled to a 4K view as well. 


Choice of display formats 


Sony is also able to offer medical professionals monitors that have a variety of display modes, such as; side-by-side, picture-in-picture and picture-out-picture. For example, the Sony LMD-X310MT benefits from ‘quad view mode’ whereby the user can view 4 full HD images at one time. It is incredibly easy to select the format you require and change this whenever needed too. 


Ability to zoom in on images 


Unlike other 4K surgical monitors, many Sony monitors also allow you to zoom in if you require an enlarged view of any small details. You can trust that the displays will maintain picture quality when viewing zoomed images too and the high image resolution will always be retained. This is undeniably beneficial to many medical professionals. 


Anti-reflective display


The bright lights can sometimes make monitors hard to see in operating theatres, but some Sony surgical displays, such as the Sony LMD-X550MT, benefit from an OptiContrast Panel™. This helps to ensure clear visibility of all images at all times by controlling light reflections and dispersion within the LCD panel. 


Easy to clean screens 


When using a Sony surgical display, you can do so knowing that it is water-resistant and dustproof too. Not only does the help to protect the display from damage, but it also makes it much easier to clean after each and every operation. The front of many of their medical-grade monitors is also completely flat to support effective cleanliness and disinfection.


Wider colour gamut 


Many specifically turn to Sony for their surgical displays because on monitors like the Sony LMD-X2705MD, the 4K UHD picture quality is also enhanced by a wider colour gamut than what you find on ordinary LCD medical monitors. This provides users with clearer viewing of both fine details and subtle tonal differences, which is arguably invaluable. 


Purchasing Sony medical products 


Hopefully, you will now know a little bit more about Sony surgical displays and what makes them so popular among medical professionals. It is easy to see why so many decide to invest in these over other brand’s products and there really is no denying that they are a brilliant choice. Next time you need to purchase new medical monitors, it is well worth looking into Sony displays further and speaking to a professional about the options available. 


Here at Hiliex, not only will our incredibly experienced and knowledgeable team gladly provide you with any additional information that you may require about Sony surgical displays, but we can also provide you with a range of Sony medical products too. As a multi-vendor, distributor, reseller and service provider, you can trust that you will be in the best possible hands with our team when searching for new medical essentials. Whatever your individual needs may be, don’t hesitate to contact us today, we will gladly assist you further.