It goes without saying that LG is an incredibly well-known brand but many are unaware that they have a range of medical display monitors that are all designed and built to international medical digital image standards. So, if you’re looking to invest in new medical monitors, then you really should consider the many different display options provided by LG, you can guarantee that they will exceed your expectations. 


The various LG surgical and medical monitors can assist you in making a quick and confident medical judgement by providing you with perfect picture quality. You can trust that with the help of these display monitors, you can make an accurate and precise diagnosis. If you’re interested in finding out more about these monitors, keep reading today. Below is some more information about some of the most commonly used LG medical monitors. 


LG 27HJ712C-W 


The LG 27HJ712C-W is able to meet all operating room requirements. The 178 degrees wide viewing angle of this 27-inch display means that images can easily be viewed by multiple medical professionals at different angles with minimal colour shift too. 


This 8-megapixel display also enables detailed observation of previously hard-to-see regions and with the addition of a deep red colour spectrum, the LG 27HJ712C-W monitor always provides accurate colour reproduction in the operating theatre and clinical setting. 


LG 27HJ713C-B


This LG 27HJ713C-B medical display monitor is another 27-inch display and it is perfect for viewing various different images. With low input lag and quick response times, this monitor will receive and display a clear image with no distortion incredibly quickly for increased efficiency. 


It is worthwhile pointing out that the LG 27HJ13C-B is designed to help minimise eye strain and eye fatigue too. The flicker-safe feature is combined with the excellent picture quality on this display to allow users to work comfortably throughout the day.


LG 27HJ710S-W


The LG 27HJ710S-W is perfect if you’re looking for a monitor that can provide detailed observation as well as display multiple imaging applications. With various features to improve the visual accuracy and consistency, the display will always meet your viewing requirements.


When used in a surgery room, the LG 27HJ710S-W will quickly adapt to correspond to the lighting conditions. The stabilising brightness settings mean that you will always have detailed picture quality during a surgical procedure.


LG 27HJ713S-W


One of the excellent aspects of the LG 27HJ713S-W monitor is that it benefits from multiple coatings, meaning that the display itself is highly durable and scratch-resistant. You will never need to worry about water or fluids coming into contact with the screen during an operation. 


This premium ultra-high-definition display is also known for its improved anti-reflection screen. All images will look bright and sharp enabling the user to accurately judge what they see on the display. You will always have the highest image quality with the LG 27HJ713S-W. 


Investing in an LG surgical or medical monitor 


Now you know more about these commonly used LG display monitors, it is fair to say that when you need to purchase a new monitor, it is well worth investing in one of these. Of course, knowing that all LG monitors are carefully designed in accordance with the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine’s standards will provide you with additional peace of mind too, so you can purchase knowing you have made the best possible choice. 


If you would like some more information about any of the monitors mentioned above, please visit the Hiliex Inc website today. On our website, you will also find a range of other LG display monitors that may be beneficial to you, so feel free to browse everything offered by this reliable brand today. Here at Hiliex Inc, it is our aim to provide all of our clients with exceptional quality products and services, so if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.