Sony LMD2110MD Medical LCD Monitor

Sony introduces a new medical LCD monitor – the LMD2110MD – which complies with medical safety standards and EMC standards while maintaining an excellent cost: performance ratio. Equipped with a 21.5-inch* full-HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) high-resolution LCD panel, the LMD2110MD delivers crisp high-definition (HD) images. Combined with a 10-bit digital signal processing system, this monitor offers stunning and smooth grayscale. The LMD2110MD is equipped with conventional versatile analog input interfaces and an HDMI input, which can accept HD signals up to 1080/60p. In addition, this monitor can input HD/SD-SDI signals using the optional BKM-341HS input adaptor. These features and benefits make this monitor a perfect cost-effective choice for a wide range of applications in healthcare settings.
Safety Listing and Compliance
The LMD2110MD is UL60601-1-listed and complies with CSA C22.2 No.601-1 and EN 60601-1 safety standards and EMC standards, making it suitable for use in a wide range of professional medical applications.
21.5-inch Full-HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) Resolution, 10-bit Signal Processing
Incorporating precisely manufactured high-purity RGB color filters and a high-speed response LCD panel, the LMD2110MD delivers accurate color reproduction and stunningly lifelike crisp images. All SD and HD input signals are converted into 10-bit digital signals without any picture deterioration via full digital imaging circuitry. This 10-bit signal processing achieves significant signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) improvement and smooth grayscale compared to 8-bit data processing.
Wide Range of Standard Input Interfaces
The LMD2110MD is equipped with a full range of analog inputs including a composite, Y/C (S-Video), analog component, and RGB. Also included is an HDMI, which can accept HD digital signals up to 1080/50p and 60p. DVI signals can be input via the HDMI input connector using a conversion cable.
Optional HD-SDI Interface
In addition, this monitor supports HD-SDI input with an optional BKM-341HS HD/SD-SDI input adaptor. This input versatility allows the LMD2110MD monitor to flexibly connect to HD-SDI digital environments.
Compact Design – Portable and Flexible
Unlike CRT monitors, terrestrial magnetic fields have no influence on LCD monitors. This means the LMD2110MD can be carried and used in any position and location. With the standard monitor stand, users can set the monitor anywhere and use it immediately. The LMD2110MD provides VESA™-standard mounting holes with 100 mm pitch, and is flexible enough to install with a VESA arm and on a medical cart.
Other Features

  • Conventional functions, including Contrast, Brightness, Chroma, Phase control, and Color temperature setting
  • Menu screen with seven selectable languages
  • Scan setting (Normal (0%), Over (5%), Full scan)
  • Standard monitor stand with tilt function
  • External parallel remote control


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