Sony LMD2451MD Medical LCD Monitor

The successor to our highly successful LMD2450MD, the Sony LMD2451MD full HD medical monitor meets the growing need for high quality, large screen monitors across demanding medical applications. With its unique built-in option slots and easy to-install body design, the LMD2451MD can be smoothly integrated into any environment – from operating theater to conference room to teaching facilities. The large screen full HD monitor for demanding medical applications Superb picture reproduction ChromaTRU Color Processing. For enhanced color reproduction accuracy, every LCD panel used in the LMD2451MD is precisely color calibrated to ensure consistent characteristics. The colormetry of an LCD display can, by nature, exhibit inaccurate color characteristics and gamma curves, which can make precise color matching between multiple monitors a challenge. The LMD2451MD solves this problem by precisely calibrating each LCD panel’s light output so that the RGB color co-ordinates are consistent for every monitor. A second calibration is also applied to ensure that white balance is maintained at a consistent color temperature throughout all gray-scale levels. This technology is invaluable for applications such as simultaneous monitoring in operating theaters and monitoring rooms. Outstanding brightness and contrast. The LMD2451MD provides high brightness and high-contrast images by utilizing super-wide aperture WUXGA LCD panels (1900 x 1200 pixels). Built-in option slots for ultimate flexibility. The LMD2451MD features two unique built-in option slots that enable users to easily expand, select, and change input/output signals, depending on the modality application. These built in option slots are designed to support a variety of option boards such as the BKM-250TG, which allow the monitor to accept a 3G-SDI input signal and transfer a 1080/60p signal via a single SDI cable. Use of the optional BKM-256DD board increases the monitor’s DVI input/output capability to accept up to two DVI-D inputs and one DVI loop-through output.

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