More often than not, when in need of a new surgical display monitor, you will have specific requirements in mind. However, the vast range of different options available to choose from can be incredibly overwhelming, making it difficult to choose something that is able to meet all of your individual needs. Many find searching for a new medical-grade monitor much harder than they expected and it can be quite a lengthy process. 


Thankfully, one quick way to narrow down the many different surgical display monitors that there are to choose from is to, first of all, decide which brand you’d like to purchase from. One brand in particular that many medical professionals automatically turn to is FSN Medical Technologies, commonly referred to as just FSN, and they have many different options for you within their range. If you’re wondering what makes this particular brand the first choice for many, keep reading today. 


4K UHD display monitors 


Many professionals automatically choose an FSN surgical display monitor because they know that they will easily be able to find a 4K UHD monitor. There are numerous benefits to this impressive display resolution, and if you have never seen a 4K UHD video before, you will notice a huge difference. Take something like the FSN FS-P3101D, for example, the image you will get on this display is exemplary. 


Slim and sleek designs 


You can always rely on FSN to provide you with slim and sleek designs too and their surgical display monitors will fit perfectly into any space required. Something like their FSN FS-P3102D monitor is 31.5”, so a relatively big screen, but still sleek in design. This particular monitor also has a flush-front glass surface that isn’t only perfect if you’re looking for a space-saving solution, but it is also fast and easy to clean too. 


Touch screen displays 


FSN uses the latest advancements in technology to benefit their surgical display monitors, and they are even able to provide touch screen displays to medical professionals too. Having a touch screen instead of a remote is undeniably convenient and can make using the monitor much easier, especially because the touchscreen works with gloves on too. Their FSN FS-S4601DT display with 10 point projected capacitive touch technology is a great example of this. 


Multi-screen layouts


Many require surgical display monitors with multiple display options, and this is something else that FSN can easily provide. Their flexible multi-display technology allows for extensive screen layout options, so it is easy to ensure that one monitor is able to meet many needs. Take the FSN FS-L5502D, this display monitor offers picture-in-picture, picture-by-picture and quad screen layouts; you can even rotate, zoom, pan, and freeze the image/video too. 


High brightness LED technology


The vast majority of FSN surgical display monitors also benefit from high brightness LED technology, and this is something that many professionals specifically look for. This high brightness paired with minimalised glare makes monitors like FSN FM-C5501DG and FSN FM-C5501DV popular, and you will never have to worry about the picture quality, especially under high ambient light environments like minimally invasive surgery suites.


Purchasing an FSN surgical display monitor 


There is no denying that FSN really is a brilliant brand to turn to when you’re searching for new surgical display monitors and not only can you trust that they will have a monitor available that meets all of your individual needs and requirements, but when you choose from their range, you will benefit from everything mentioned above too. Making FSN your first choice of brand will help to make the process of purchasing a surgical display monitor but quicker and easier. 


If you would like to browse the range of FSN surgical display monitors available and find out more about the different monitors mentioned briefly above, visit the Hiliex Advanced Medical Technologies website today. As a distributor and value-added reseller of surgical display monitors, you can trust that we are also the perfect people to contact if you require a professional opinion when choosing between the different options available. We look forward to assisting you further in any way necessary.