There is no denying that for many medical professionals, medical display monitors are an essential piece of equipment that they require to do their job. They have many different uses and having the best possible monitor available can undeniably make the day-to-day running of a medical facility much more manageable. After all, a medical professional’s eye cannot see what the display monitor doesn’t show them, so suitable equipment is crucial. 


With an incredibly vast range of different medical display monitors to choose from, many find it challenging to decide which is best suited to their facility and most able to meet their individual needs and requirements. Thankfully, when you turn to a trusted brand, such as LG, you can rest assured knowing that whichever monitor you purchase it will be incredibly high quality. However, it is still beneficial to opt for the most suitable. So, below is some information that may help you to choose between the different LG medical display monitors available.


Why choose LG medical display monitors?


When searching for a monitor that you can trust to provide sharp and reliable imaging, LG is often a professional’s first choice. Their medical display monitors all benefit from features that aid your ability to perform your job, and accuracy or precision will never be something you need to worry about.


Designed to not only meet but also to exceed medical digital image standards, LG medical display monitors benefit from state-of-the-art technology that enables you to make fast and critical decisions without hesitation confidently. You will be able to work with ease and with complete peace of mind. 


Define your specific needs


While LG can provide you with convenient medical display monitors that can meet multiple different needs, the vast majority of monitors will fall into two distinct categories; diagnostic and surgical. So, defining your needs and deciding which of these two categories is more relevant is always the best place to start. 


Doing this will automatically narrow down your choices and make particular monitors stand out more than others. For example, something like the LG 32HL512D is a better fit for those looking for a diagnostic display, whereas something like the LG 27HK510S is more of a suitable match for those looking for a surgical display. 


Highlight important requirements


Within the two main monitor categories, as expected, you will still have a range of different displays to choose from. These monitors will all have various features that may be beneficial to you, so to help you narrow your options down further, highlight any specific requirements you have for your monitor. 


Say, for example, you’re looking for a surgical monitor, and you must be able to see multiple signals from several devices all on one screen, then the LG 32HL710S would be better suited than the LG 27HK510S. Ensure that the monitors you’re considering don’t just have the features needed but also the best features available to meet your requirements. 


Consider additional benefits 


More often than not, LG medical display monitors will come with various additional benefits that are always helpful to take into account when choosing between the available options. For example, the LG 32HL512D comes with three years of software support and five years hardware warranty. These tend to be invaluable benefits and are always worthwhile looking out for. 


Investing in an LG medical display monitor 


Hopefully, you will now find it easier to narrow down the many different high-quality LG medical display monitors available, and you can ensure that you’re investing in the monitor which will be most useful at your facility. Of course, you always have the option to invest in multiple different monitors; you will then be able to rest assured knowing that everyone’s needs and requirements have been met in one way or another. 


To find out more about the different LG medical display monitors available, please visit the Hiliex Advanced Medical Technologies today. Here you will find all of the information required to decide between the different LG monitors, but if you need some expert advice in this regard, then our experienced team will be able to assist you further. We are a one-stop-shop for our clients and not only can you confidently purchase quality monitors from us but you can also benefit from the vast knowledge of our team. We look forward to assisting you further.